Random Cultural Observations about everyday life in Uruguay



Four or five years in, some everyday culture observations about life in Uruguay. Nothing earth-shattering, maybe not even important, but some hopefully-useful, “Hmm, that’s a little different, wonder if I’ll like that?” points. These are, by nature of who we are and where we’re from originally, from the perspective of “Northerners”, “Westerners”, and that particular part of that often called (and inaccurately overstated as) “Americans”. As in, “USAians”, for which while  there is no real word in English, there is the perfectly good and accurate “estadosunidense” en español.

A off-the-cuff post, to relaunch our much-delayed resumed publishing here on the site (we’ve been plenty active on our various Social Media parts of the Uruguay Expat Life & Uruguay For Me network – all available from the menu and sidebar for you to discover and join in!)

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Our “Uruguay For Me” network and affordable consultations via Plansify


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Thank you for the continued great feedback for our “Uruguay For Me” consultations  we offer via the innovative “Plansify” service. Mark Mercer is the official Plansify consultant, invited at the launch of the service last year by famous travel blogger, Plansify founder “Wandering Earl”. Uruguay Expat Life/Uruguay For Me co-owner, travel author Lisa Marie Mercer, also is involved in the research and consultation process. It’s a great value for personalized research and perspective for your questions about expat life in Uruguay.


The costs are quite low (though they are increasing slightly in Mid-July, so you may want to book now! We’ll honor previous pricing for confirmed bookings), and we do research specific to your questions. Whether you choose the “three detailed email questions” or the “One hour Skype call” option, you can give some background on your issues ahead of time, so that we can do our best to get your relevant-to-you answers. How relevant? Please check Mark Mercer’s feedback at Plansify.com/markmercer to read real client responses. Based on sessions done and feedback received, we’re humbly pleased that Mark is on the front page of their long list of advisors, sharing the page with well-known travel and expat luminaries like “Wandering Earl” (and Plansify co-founder) Derek Baron himself, and widely-published financial consultant and long-term traveler Nora Dunn, among other top advisors.

Traveling or moving elsewhere? We encourage you to consider them, and the other Plansify consultants, for your non-Uruguay destination needs. (We do NOT get any commission for your booking of anyone other than Mark – this is a straight-up recommendation based purely on thinking the service, and their list of advisors, is a great idea!)

In case we haven’t explained it recently, our “Uruguay For Me” branding with its “name tells the story” UruguayFor.Me website address, is the paid-services part of our overall site network. At least, the starting-to-monetize, as the startup culture calls it, part of our offering. “Uruguay Expat Life”, including this website here at UruguayExpat.Info (another of our “the name tells the story” domains), is and will always be our “internet gift culture” part of the overall “Uruguay Expat Life and Uruguay For Me Site Network”. Continue reading »

New Posts Soon

As you might guess from our previous post, we’ve been rather busy with our family pet’s heath issue. We haven’t had the time to research and craft new articles for you here, unfortunately.

(Update: We’re sad to report that our greyhound Whistler “finished his race” the second week of July, just over two months after we first posted this. For more about dog cancer treatment and pet care in Uruguay, please visit Whistler the Greyhound – El Galgo Estadosunidense en Uruguay. Our promised new posts will be delayed beyond our initial May or June expectation but will happen sometime this month, July 2015, including at least one new pure-information “Uruguay Basics” series article. Now continuing with our original post of May 7, while we were enjoying Whistler’s last good weeks…)

The good news is, four months later our dog is hopping around the barrio with plenty of spirit and good strength after the chemotherapy thanks to the excellent and affordable veterinary care in Uruguay. So life is getting back to normal, we hope for as long as possible.

Centro in Montevideo

Centro in Montevideo

Though we haven’t had time to write full posts here at our main website, we have been regularly posting short items and interesting links about Uruguay expat living, opportunities in Uruguay, and the overall feel of living on the Uruguayan coast in a resort town, at our Facebook Page. So join us there too!

We do expect to have some new, detailed articles for you, including resuming our “Uruguay Basics” series, by the end of this month.

Meanwhile see you on our social networks – our Facebook page which just got its 1000th “Like” this week (thank you!), and our Uruguay Expat Life Community, where anyone with any kind of Google ID (your Android, Gmail, YouTube, etc.) can join in to start your own topics and interact with the 500+ other members. They’re at Facebook.com/UruguayExpatLife and is.gd/UYcommunity

– please join us there too!

News about our pet greyhound fighting cancer in Uruguay


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Our pet greyhound dog, Whistler, has been in our family since 2009, and has made his way from North Carolina in USA’s South, to the Seattle area in the Pacific Northwest, then to Colorado in the US Rocky Mountains. Finally to Uruguay in Sept 2009 and we’ve chronicled some of his adventures on our blogs, social media, and personal sites.

Greyhound dog with amputated right front leg, in blue compression bandage, outdoors

Two days after his amputation surgery, Whistler enjoys the Uruguayan outdoors at the vet clinic.

Now he’s fighting osteosarcoma – a terrible cancer that destroys bones and can spread to the entire system. The good news is that Uruguay has excellent veterinary care. He just had surgery to amputate the cancerous leg, survived, and is about to come back home now as a tripod dog. Read more about Whistler’s fight at our new site for him, Whistler the Greyhound – El Galgo Estadosunidense.

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