Welcome – you can now log in with Facebook Connect

If you want to post, subscribe, or other wise use the site, we’ve made it easier. Use whatever type of ID you prefer, from a wide selection of site-specific or across-the-web ID providers.

In addition to log-in with your Twitter ID, WordPress ID, IntenseDebate ID, or with OpenID (a cross-platform, multi-vendor, no-lock-in ID you can use across the web), we’ve just added Facebook Connect.

If for privacy reasons you don’t like sharing your Facebook ID, that’s cool too. Neither do we in many cases!We will not ever turning on the Facebook Social Reader platform, so we will not be sharing to Facebook what you read on this site. And you comments will only be shared to Facebook if you so choose to log in with Facebook and share them.

You may well want to check out OpenID. Your Google ID can be an OpenID, as can your Yahoo ID. Many other sites you already use might already be your OpenID, or you can get an OpenID from free providers like MyOpenID.com. You can then hook it up to your own domains. Por ejemplo, my MarkXS@MyOpenID.com OpenID is also the same as my personal markmercer.info OpenID. You then can also use your OpenID on any site that uses the popular DISQUS commenting platform, or as we use here, the IntenseDebate platform.

It’s hard enough remembering what country I’m in sometimes. Thus it’s nice to re-use the same secure ID, safely across multiple sites.

— Marcos (jejeje corrected that typo “Macros” too – too much time in Spreadsheets planning this move!)

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Mark Mercer

Site co-owner Mark Mercer. AKA Marcos Cristoforo Mercer, AKA the Fuzzy Wanderer. Expat from USA living in Uruguay as of mid-2012, after "test-driving" it for a few months in 2011 and early 2012. Married to Lisamaria, AKA well-known travel and fitness writer Lisa Marie Mercer. Follow Mark on Twitter @mcmxs and his many other sites, which you can find at http://about.me/MarkMercer. I write and engage about many of my other interests, on Google+ at https://google.com/+MarkMercer

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