Olimpicos – not just a sandwich

The “Olympic” is a favorite Uruguayan sandwich. But right now, it’s also los Juegos Olimpicos, the Olympic Games.

Here’s a picture of our National Team entering the arena at Friday’s Opening Ceremony. Uruguayn Olympic Team

A report (in Spanish) from La Republica  newspaper shows them entering and gives some background on the team.

As an expat USA Citizen living in Uruguay, but temporarily back in the States for about a month, covering all of the Olympics, this is one of life’s little expat dilemmas – who to cheer? When you’re an expat, things can get confusing between here, there, everywhere. You don’t want to go all jingoistic about your home country, but you shouldn’t give up your roots, either. When your head and heart are already in your new country, but your physical self is temporarily back in your original one, it gets even weirder at these times.

Poor little Uruguay barely got into the NBC edited coverage of the opening ceremony. They came, as always, right after the United States, which has a huge delegation of over 500 athletes. NBC cameras cut to Uruguay for all of 10 seconds, never mentioning them. Quick cut back to USA, and then onto Uzbekistan.

I stood in front of the flatscreen, as my own silly little token of respect, for the USA, as my country of nationality and because I do wish them well. Also for the UK, as the host country. But I jumped up and cheered when they showed Uruguay, yelling out loud “!Uruguay venceremos!”

We’re off to a good start with the pre-opening win in fútbol (soccer) against the United Arab Emirates. I’m definitely cheering for La Celeste, the Uruguayan national men’s team. Somos numero uno! But for the women, Hope Solo and the girls of the US Soccer Team will be my dog in this race.

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