Photowalks in Uruguay

The Worldwide Photowalk event is coming in just 8 weeks, on 13 October 2012. And yes, there are events in Uruguay!

Montevideo Photowalk and Punta del Este Photowalk. So far. Trying to talk a friend into leading a Piriápolis Photowalk.

Piriápolis sunset

photo credit Olga Rivero Hernandez.

If you’re not familiar with Photowalks, the idea is a bunch of people get together with cameras, and tour a city led by a local who shows them a number of interesting spots to photograph. You don’t have to be a pro; many amateur photographers at all levels attend these. Nor do you need great equipment: if you look at the expanatory video on the main Photowalk site, you’ll see plenty of people with pocket-size point-and-shoot cameras as well as with Digital SLRs. And there may well be a few old-school analogue (film) photography aficionados too (like perhaps me!) I tend to roll with an Olympus DLSR and a Praktica “commie camera” East German heyday with a Soviet lens and some interesting film loaded in it both around my neck.

Por ejemplo, the cover photo here on the blog is a beach scene at sunset taken with my digital camera. In fact I think it was just my smartphone. But the cover photo on our Facebook page is from my Praktica LLC loaded with Agfacolor 200 film. Both are from the lovely city of Piriápolis, the same as the picture in this post from our friend Olga Rivero Hernandez, photographer of Piriápolis. Who I really think should lead a Photowalk there!

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