Uruguyan Residency Process – A long-time expat’s perspective & advice

Our friends over at Expat Daily News Latin America just wrote a great post on how residency in one South American country makes travel to others easier.

Jamie Douglas recounts the experience and options his and his wife, author of “Nine Months in Uruguay“, Julie R. Butler, have gained from living in Uruguay, Argentina, and other Latin American countries. He has great advice about how you can use residency in one country to your advantage. Alternately, how you can “visa-hop” between countries either for multi-month stretches at a time, or do a short hop to renew your base-country tourist permit.

We are happy to share this as another view and as a followup to our recent post on our own residency application process.

I left a comment on Jamie’s post with a couple of updates. Short version: Uruguay now gives you 90 days per entry, not 60, so fewer visa-hops. Argentina & Chile entry fees (one time per life of passport) just went up to $160 from $140 because the US just raised the cost for Argentinians and Chileans to $160 just to apply for a US visa (with no guarantee of getting it.) The “Reciprocity Fee” is entirely understandable, and those countries give US citizens a better deal and more respect than the USA gives to them. So it’s fair. But it’s still nice not to pay it!

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