Tomorrow on Uruguay Expat Life – Lisa vs the Barométrica

Yes, we learned a new word this week. No, it’s not about the air pressure.

Did I mention I planted some seeds in our backyard? Well it’s now self-watering and self-fertilizing. And since I am on a brand new Real Job where I have to be on a bus to the office park every morning, I can’t take care of it. Lisa Marie, the quintessential city girl until recent years, the person who never lived in a home without city sewer systems, heck till this year never lived in a home with a back yard of any sort, has to do the dirty work.

Well not the real dirty work. That’s what the barométrica does. And yes, as renters of our little casita, we have to pay for it ourselves.

 The “Barométrica Sanitaria” is the guy in the big truck that empties out your septic tank or your grease trap.

I don’t know if this is who our managing agent / realty called, or if it is one of their competitors. But he made it clear to Lisa that we have to pay for it. Lisa asked one of our neighbors about who to call and they recommended a different firm, but the same general idea, and thought it was totally normal that we need to do this after nearly one full year in here. Right now we’re only getting kitchen sink wastewater overflowing an outside air-gap anti-backflow sunken hole, and an upflow from a separate small concrete cover that I think is the grease-trap buried in the ground. No true “black water” from the small septic tank system in the backyard itself.

Yet… And heaven knows where the waste drainage field is, but I have a feeling it was built going underneath each of the casitas back out to the front, since there’s a ground mounted vent in front of each unit.

This is the other side of what I was posting about the freedom to have washing machines, antennas, clotheslines without asking permission of nor paying a fee to the owner or manager.

Expect a full report from Lisa. 🙂

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