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Uruguay Expat Life, now faster, more reliable, served up by a Google PageSpeed Service server near you. diagram of how PageSpeed worksAs of today, we are approved by Google for them to deliver our content through their worldwide network of redundant servers. And that is how you are reading this post right now. Nothing you have to do, it all happens auto-magically! The site is still hosted by the good folks with Green Hosting at DreamHost.

We use Green carbon-neutral DreamHost for our hosting. Click here to find out more and for specials for your websites.

But now, Google picks it up, distributes it to their worldwide network of content distribution servers, optimizes it for speed, and gets it to you from the closest server to you, in terms of internet speed. Also if one server goes down, we should still be available.

Pages should load faster, you will be able to read posts sooner even while our sidebar items are loading, and overall things should just be full of happy. You may notice that all our pages are now www.uruguayexpat.info/….. instead of just bare uruguayexpat.info; that is something I had to change last night to use the Google Content Distribution Network (CDN). Your bookmarks will still work, as will typing in the site without www, it will automatically switch over. But there may be a tiny bit more time because the non-www has to go to the real site, which may be further away in internet time, that first moment to be told to switch to www, which is coming from your friendly neighborhood Google. So in the future, type in www.uruguayexpat.info, and Bob’s your Tio!

If you have any comments or problem from this, please let me know!

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Site co-owner Mark Mercer. AKA Marcos Cristoforo Mercer, AKA the Fuzzy Wanderer. Expat from USA living in Uruguay as of mid-2012, after "test-driving" it for a few months in 2011 and early 2012. Married to Lisamaria, AKA well-known travel and fitness writer Lisa Marie Mercer. Follow Mark on Twitter @mcmxs and his many other sites, which you can find at http://about.me/MarkMercer. I write and engage about many of my other interests, on Google+ at https://google.com/+MarkMercer