Health Care in Uruguay – Preview

Our ongoing series has been about Health Insurance in Uruguay, but in the most recent post, I mentioned how that isn’t exactly the same as Health Care. Briefly noting that our experiences with our mutualista, Asociación Española, are really as members of that mutual health care society, not as customers of some insurance scheme.

Asociación Española Central in Montevideo

Well, we are going to have more tales to tell you first-hand. In the past week, we’ve needed to access it three different times, the most recent, today. For an urgent, could have been near-emergency situation, but thankfully, not all that serious. More details soon, but we now can tell you about:

  • Urgent care at the Polyclinic.
  • Routine free-by-law preventative care at their main Montevideo central offices.
  • An urgent house-call. On a Sunday. Yes, within about 1/2 hour, a medical doctor arrived at our home with his bag. Lisa had a scare, which turned out to be minor, but was well worth checking.

We also will go into what happens if you have an emergency, and some of the supplemental policies you can add for that, on top of your basic mutualista membership.  More in a few days, after things settle down here in Casita Mercer.

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