The Grumpy Gringo Factor

I just finished reading a fantastic article on Escape from America by Corey Coates, of Five Gallon Sound. Coates describes a certain type of expat, who we frequently encounter at expat meetings in Atlantida, or on certain Uruguay expat message boards. As they whine about everything from their neighbors, the constantly rising cost of living and the products they can’t find in a supermarket,  you wonder why they continue to live here. Coates calls them the “Grumpy Gringos.”

In contrast, there’s the Que Será, Será expats, who have a “sense of connectedness to everyone and everything around them” and a “blissful trust placed in the way things seem to work out sometimes and allow them to unfold.” They receive “kisses and smiles” from the locals, and need very little to make them happy.

Que Será, Será is indeed how I feel about Uruguay. I would not have it any other way!

Sunlight hits the dunes of Atlantida
Mystical Atlantida

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2 thoughts on “The Grumpy Gringo Factor”

  1. “Grumpy” doesn’t quite capture it for me. But I’ve certainly seen people arrive here clinging to a whole lot of baggage, in every sense of the word.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with missing certain aspects of life in one’s country of origin. Whatever the very many reasons we all find ourselves now in Uruguay, giving up on our home countries isn’t a requirement. But making at least some attempt at understanding the style, pace, mode of life here, seems to lead to much more happiness than the constant comparison to elsewhere.

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