The Uruguay Way: Union College students experience Uruguay

The Uruguay Way: Exploring the implementation of One Laptop Per Child. Some Union College (NYC) students are having a fascinating time here in Uruguay on an exchange program. Much of their studies focusing on this country being the country first fully to implement the One Laptop Per Child program.

Graffiti image of a mushroom-shaped
Montevideo Graffito. Photo credit Samantha Muritori, one of the Union College students on this exchange program. Copyright © 2013 Concordiensis and the photographer.

Also they’re exploring the area, of course, and taking in the lifestyle and sights. Yes, much of our graffiti is in fact artistic. Though as an ex-New Yorker, I have to say a lot of that is too. (Not necessarily all the “tagging” on the A-train back in the 80’s, though!)

There are some LOL moments in reading the college newspaper report, which is in turn paraphrasing a student blog. Such as calling the various roads that constitute the Rambla, a major, well-paved, busy commercial artery along the shore, a “cobble stone road”, or thinking that mate is tea.

But they do get the spirit of the place right. Glad to see that our new home is getting some better recognition from folks from one of our old homes. Hopefully the students will have a chance to explore up the coast aways, such as to our historic and charming Atlántida, and stunningly scenic Piriápolis, as well as getting inland and elsewhere in this great tiny country.

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