Get your dancin’ shoes on! It’s “Noche de Nostalgia” in Uruguay!

Every August 24, Uruguay celebrates the Night of Nostalgia. Filled with dancing and lots of “American Oldies”. No, I have no idea why! Other than it’s the night before our National Independence Day. (Well, before one of them. Uruguayan independence was a bit tricky…) So hey, party!

Image of promotional announcement:
Nostalgia Night 2013 at the Atántida Country Club, from their Facebook Page

It’s origins are vague, as this Wikipedia article on Nostalgia Night notes. But it’s fun. Every one of the open club venues in town here in and around Atlántida has been advertising on posters, flyers, and likely on our local  Radio Atlántida FM 89.9 station too.  The “Country Club“, Keops, and the not-really-there-anymore Club Piedra Lisa (now relocated to the inland Country Club as a sub-brand) are all having events. Some with actual US third- or fourth-tier Hair Bands.

Sadly, there will be no scenes like this the morning after, at my nearby beach, by the real Piedra Lisa

From Sunday Morning Yellow Skies

… as it was destroyed in the extratropical cyclones of mid-2012 that are not supposed to happen here in Uruguay. My photo above is at sunrise on New Year’s Day, 2012, as some of the hundreds of people (including those attractive young ladies!) wandered out of the all-night party.  No más acá. (Here no more.) The shell of the dune-side club, near the actual Piedra Lisa (flat rock) fishing point still exists, but it is abandoned and ghostly.

Speaking of nostalgia…


From 2011 sinks into the sea

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