Quickie on The30Day (Blog Challenge)

Hola folks! Quick note – I, site co-owner Mark Mercer, am still doing the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30-Day blog challenge from Natalie Sisson, that I posted about the other day. I’m just not doing it all right here at Uruguay Expat Life.  I’m looking at it as a much-needed buttkick on my entire online presence and entrepreneurial activities. Oh, you can still join it, and should. It’s not like she’s gonna hit you with a ruler for being late for class. (Right, Natalie? Please…)

30 day challenge

We’ve chosen our own location for now, Uruguay, but it is in fact “location independence” that let us choose it – and the belief that “no freaking idea how yet, but we’ll make it work out” when we decided to pick up and head South. That self-belief and willingness to pack up and go for it are key points from Day 4

Putting it in the terms of one of Natalie’s key points for Day 2: START taking action and defining what your ideal lifestyle looks like., that’s what we had to do to make the big move, which we started over 2 years ago when we, without quite naming it yet, decided to do a “Uruguay Reality Check” trip – revisit our memories of a short visit, but check the prices in hardware stores, groceries, rentals, explore a bunch of places we might choose to live, begin to look at how we’d fund our overseas life… but most important, book the frakking tickets and DO IT!

I’m going to define that all the stuff I’ve been working on this week qualifies at least for my Day 2 through Day 4 activities in the Challenge.

Which includes:

  • Back to writing the two books I started too long ago and got “stuck”.  Which led to me starting a brand new blog this past week, titled the same as the non-fiction one, Falling Off The Hemisphere. Oh, I’m way more opinionated and nowhere near “politically correct” over there. Caveat Lector. I even kind of made fun of the whole “build your online life blogging” thing, the very thing I’m doing, in my second post there. (Put down that ruler, Natalie…)
  • Stepping up the pre-launch countdown to the full Warp 9 rollout of Lisa’s and my Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing venture. Currently we are oh-so-shoemaker’s-children, with great client sites for Author Hubs and affordable greater Montevideo-area beach hotels perfect for exploring your “Is Uruguay For Me?”  Uruguay Reality Check and Uruguay Test Drive trips. But we still have to build our own… totally backwards from conventional logic, but hey, being ejected from the Global North Corporatocracy and deciding that, “screw it, let’s move to South America” was our solution to the Kobayashi Maru Test.
  • Screw the pre-launch countdown, we’re launching yet another product offering in the meantime, a domain-and-email-only package where we set you up with a server and your own name at a non-USA, non-NSA-direct location. Not based in the USA nor the other Anglephone “Five Eyes” countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the Mother Country, UK. If you read the news, you know you want this. Or you might think we’re dirty commies for suggesting it…  But if you’re interested, contact me either through this website’s own Contact Form, or drop me an email straight to GetSafe@SouthernCrossWeb.com to talk about a customized package (that’s me, not an auto-responder, so patience, grasshopper.) Starts from only $25 USD/year. Yes, you could buy it yourself cheaper. But do you know how? Do you even know what you need? If you do, go for it yourself! If you don’t, contact us!

Yeah, the above is my idea of a “Quick note”, because there’s a whole lot more to it going on!

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  1. Awesome stuff Mark and you can sum this up just as you have so now you’re back on track – that’s productive and so glad you’re doing this challenge!

    1. Thanks Natalie! In the past couple of days I’ve been training one of my new clients and his team on promoting is biz, which includes possible new business for us! Plus your challenge really has kicked my azz on my book and related work! More news soon!

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