Top-Class Care in “Eisenhower’s America” – Our Healthcare in Uruguay series continues

Our Getting Healthcare in Uruguay series continues. Today, as the top featured article at International Living Magazine and Website. Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me co-founder and co-owner Lisa Marie Mercer is an author for International Living. In this case, she also was the designated research subject!

Top-Class Care in “Eisenhower’s America”.

Yes, you still can get a “house call” in Uruguay. You also can get an ambulance transfer from your local polyclinic, with a physician in it, not just a paramedic, to rush you to a major medical center, and get a half-dozen tests done in one night. Then wake up and say “where the heck am I?”International Living logo (as outline)

Lisa’s IL article also summarizes what we’ve reported here before, clarifying that Uruguay has three tiers of health care coverage, not just “Public or Private”. Only one of them is what a USA person would call “health insurance“. Most Uruguayos and most smart expats/immigrants choose instead to become a member of a medical society. Because, as American Express used to say, membership has its privileges™ (Fair use, and heck, we both used to work for different divisions of them in NYC a few decades ago! So it’s “family”!)

Back in peaceful Atlántida

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    1. Lisa taught at their Health and Fitness center at Corporate HQ in the World Financial Center NYC, just across the skybridge from the World Trade Center. The ’93 WTC bombing was on her day off. I worked for Shearson Lehman Brothers as a software engineer, when it was a subsidiary of American Express.

  1. Hey Mark, I contacted you via facebook. I was wondering if you could provide me with some insight on what to say in the letter of intent from switching from tourist to temporary resident. What exactly needs to be in it and how long should it be? Thanks for any advice you can give me

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