Uruguay Expat Life interactive community and forum now live at Google!

As promised, for “this month” and last week for “next week”, it’s live! Still about 10 minutes left in this week, and left in August 2013, here in now-springlike Uruguay!

Come visit and join in the Uruguay Expat Life Community on Google+ , which you almost certainly already are a member of , even if you don’t use it! Have a Gmail address? Use YouTube with a login name? Use Google Calendar? Have an Android smartphone or tablet? You already have a Google Account – which is all you need!

Don’t have one yet? It takes only about 2 minutes, and you can tie your Google Account to an existing non-Gmail email address if you prefer. They’ll give you a Gmail address as part of the signup, but you never have to use it.

Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google+

Come visit your place for talking about Uruguay Expat Life, Uruguay immigration and residency, Uruguayan Culture, Uruguay economy and cost of living, and more! You get to start your own discussions, and interact with each other without having to go through us!

It’s live right now!

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Mark Mercer

Site co-owner Mark Mercer. AKA Marcos Cristoforo Mercer, AKA the Fuzzy Wanderer. Expat from USA living in Uruguay as of mid-2012, after "test-driving" it for a few months in 2011 and early 2012. Married to Lisamaria, AKA well-known travel and fitness writer Lisa Marie Mercer. Follow Mark on Twitter @mcmxs and his many other sites, which you can find at http://about.me/MarkMercer. I write and engage about many of my other interests, on Google+ at https://google.com/+MarkMercer

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