We love comments and questions. Inappropriate internet stalking and demands, not so much

We at Uruguay Expat Life, Lisa Marie Mercer and Mark Mercer, love to get your questions, comments, thoughts. We’re happy to share, via “internet gift culture“, some of our own experiences and advice, “free-as-in-beer“. Worth every penny, pound, or peso paid.

Which means, don’t be all-so-demanding, OK? Don’t stalk us around the Social Web trying to get our attention to reply to your demand for free stuff NOW! It’s just rude. (Don’t do that to other people who give you free stuff either.) On other places on the internet, where we aren’t self-edited to neutral “come to Uruguay” welcoming voice, but rather are our “anything’s game”, opinionated snarky selves, we might just make fun of you… 

Dear Internet – Please read for comprehension. | Falling Off The Hemisphere.

Look, we got your comment / question / idea. Email, Facebook notifications, Google notifier bell anywhere we go on a Google product.  “New Twitter Interactions” note in the Android smartphone bar. Disqus emails us every new comment. We got it… That doesn’t mean that we will, or even can, get back to you for several days. Or possibly ever, because this is our Free Site!

We may ask you to take your private request into one of our public discussion areas, including the launching-by-Aug-30, Uruguay Expat Life Community on Google. We may, conversely, ask you to take your public comment into a private email via our contact form (it’s on top of every page, folks, not hard to find!), or at least via a private message in Facebook Messaging or Google Chat/Talk/Hangouts. Or a DM to our @UruguayForMe Twitter. Access to us on all those networks is right on every page here too, in our main menu. Conversely, access to this website and to links to all our others, is in our Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other profiles and Official Pages.

So please, be thoughtful about “public vs private”, “free vs am I paying these folks?” (answer is NO, until we fully launch Uruguay For Me later this year, sell you ebooks, sell you packages to visit Uruguay on your Test Drive or Reality Check trips…). Wherever you choose to comment or question, please be aware of the context of the venue (like NOT on a post about Batman on my personal Facebook Timeline, OK?), whether or not you are interrupting a different conversation, whether the “parent post” has anything whatsoever to do with what you are posting, and whether or not your expectations are in line with what you are paying for the advice…

We will, and in some cases already did, ban people, to the extent our software and platforms allow, on every venue we have, based on behavior like this. We don’t like to do that.

!Gracias y que pasa bien!


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