Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Thank you for this great year of excellent community, nearly 4000 viewers each week just of our website, and the very successful launch of the Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google’s interactive platform – join in at is.gd/UYcommunity

Lots of plans for the New Year. We intend to re-purpose AtlantidaExpats.com (and its alt-URL AtlantidaExpat.com) as an information vehicle and advertising opportunity for our local/regional Costo de Oro businesses. We made a free “internet gift culture” offer of use and editorial control of it to the existing unofficial “Atlántida English Speakers” newsletter and bi-monthly “expat meeting” but it was refused by them. Now, onto new opportunities for it, including ways to promote our friends and neighbors at local, Uruguayan-owned businesses, to the English-speaking expat community of our region.

wooden walkway over the dunes to the beach
Take that path to your dreams in 2014.

We are the owners of the valuable domain names AtlantidaHotel.com, CostaDeOroHotels.com, SouthernConeHotel.com, and SouthernConeHotels.com domain names, along with a portfolio of other names. We will be either creating hotel directories and advertising opportunities for our local hospitality businesses, or selling these domains for the opportunity they provide to some smart hoteliers, or a mix of the two approaches. Email domains-at-southerncrossweb-dot-com to make an offer for any of these names, or contact our related web and social marketing operation via the contact form at southerncrossweb.com.

We will be launching UruguayFor.Me as a separate site, with lots of detailed information and links to services you need, and will have advertising and featured-post opportunities available there too! Bookmark it now; it will bring you back here to Uruguay Expat Life until Uruguay For Me is live.

Unlike some sites, we will continue to keep our original brand, Uruguay Expat Life, collection of of sites, social networks,  and online communities, always free, though this website will continue to have some advertising in sidebars or other reasonable places, and we may start offering advertising opportunities directly to local businesses. Thank you to the many people who have found our modest amount of advertising here of value and have clicked through to our sponsors’ products and services. It has helped us pay some of our hosting bills for this free site. If you like, we also have a small link where you can directly help us with our hosting costs, but we never expect that and that will never be a “gatekeeper” nor a “paywall” here.

You may also notice a change in our margin, with some sites removed that used to be in our Blogroll of people and services we like and recommend. We’ve removed some that have gone negative or gone overly commercial. We believe in making money, but we also believe in free sharing of information, of the “internet gift culture” that has brought you and us things like the Linux infrastructure that powers nearly all of the web, the Firefox and Chromium browsers, the Thunderbird Email program, the free advice offered by many location-independent entrepreneurs who also then have value-added paid offerings for further powering up your dreams. Good karma and a reasonable balance of free and paid value-add products fit our philosophy, and we’re sticking with those whom we feel understand and share that balance.

We believe in diversity, and don’t think we have all the answers. So we’ll be partnering with, and recommending, whether as part of a “co-opetition” or “co-working” arrangement, or just as informal “we like these guys, check them out”, preference,  people we think are positive, and can help your goals come true, without having to pay big money just to get even a taste of what they offer. People who don’t denigrate those who have other opinions.  We’ll be dropping the hard-sellers, and even if we like their overall balance, dropping anybody who calls those who disagree with them, nasty things like “sheeple”, “entitlement crowd”, “losers, or “do-nothings”.

We encourage you to examine the offerings of the people we do have on the sidebar and in our posts, including recommending their paid services and products. Because they are not purely “show me the money” types, they also share valuable actionable info. They do so to a reasonable extent in keeping with their business model, at no charge. If you find their free info of value, then please also seriously consider purchasing some of their paid services and products.

We hope to begin doing some of the same ourselves, directly, via our Uruguay For Me brand, in this newly-born year.

Stay with us, and with our friends and colleagues, our fellow travelers and entrepreneurs, and thank you for your support during this great 2013 just past! Whether this is the year you start your own Uruguay expat life, or start or grow your business, write your novel, change your career, begin life as a constant traveler, or whatever is your dream, we hope that our efforts here, and those of our friends and colleagues, help at least a little, to inform and inspire you! Have a wonderful 2014!


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