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Technically a re-launch, because we launched last August as a gift to the informal but fairly big “Atlántida English Speakers” get-together. They’d been talking for years about wanting a website, so one day before one of the lunches I spent a couple of hours and whipped one up for them, offering it to them for free.

After all the “we want a website, somebody might do one” for years, when I presented it to them, the person who handles communications said “I don’t have time”. Then I asked again, that time in an email. Ignored.  So, after a couple of months wasted re-copying their Gmail-sent newsletter out of the goodness of my heart while redacting overly private info in it, I gave up on the idea. Clearly, they really did not want a website, and clearly, I’m getting too old for this “stuff” of doing things for people who don’t appreciate it!


Relaunching now with the editorial voice of Uruguay Expat Life, centered on the Atlántida area, unafraid to call out problems, promote local uruguayo-owned businesses, and speak out about people who only attend “expat gatherings”. Expat gatherings are great, they are fun, they are a big part of your transition, for many people. But they can be an echo chamber, increasingly isolated from the country and community in which you now live.

We’re not going to do that with AtlantidaExpats. We’ll provide news, pass along info, including from that “Atlántida English Speakers” group if we think it of interest to our more immersion-oriented audiences – but we’re not their mouthpiece, and now are 100% unaffiliated with them. We never were officially affiliated, and there isn’t even anything “official” to have affiliated with. But we were trying to help them out, because Lisa and I used to go to some of their events. You know the saying about “no good deed goes unpunished”?

We will be adding advertising later this year, possibly having some other business arrangements, but the editorial approach will be independent of any commercial considerations. It’ll be that of the two of us, Lisa Marie Mercer and Mark C. Mercer, with all the snarky honesty our readers (hopefully) love.

Site is a (re)work in progress, we’re soft-launching a lot of stuff this quarter, in beta, rather than waiting for perfection. So it may well change appearance a few more times, but we hope you’ll appreciate the info. Unlike the new AtlantidaHotels site, with its prominent Domain For Sale sign above the hotel listings, we have no intention of selling the AtlantidaExpats domain nor site. We have plans for it, jejeje!

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Site co-owner Mark Mercer. AKA Marcos Cristoforo Mercer, AKA the Fuzzy Wanderer. Expat from USA living in Uruguay as of mid-2012, after "test-driving" it for a few months in 2011 and early 2012. Married to Lisamaria, AKA well-known travel and fitness writer Lisa Marie Mercer. Follow Mark on Twitter @mcmxs and his many other sites, which you can find at I write and engage about many of my other interests, on Google+ at

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  1. Mark — I couldn’t agree with you more — in your decision NOT to do things for free for people that don’t appreciate it. I give people one and two opportunities to show me the “love” back, and if by the third time I am ignored or brushed-off, clearly then I realize the Universe is giving me the message that this person / group is not in alignment with the ‘force’ that I offer / bring, and so I part WITHOUT ANGER (because that would only injure myself in the giant mirror that the Universe truly is), and find the people that DO appreciate an act of love, kindness, compassion or otherwise positive energy. Thanks for all you do. I certainly look forward to meeting one day, sooner than later. Please look me up at and when you can we’ll be in touch via email then phone. Namaste.

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