Windswept trees, dune grass, and the sand and blue sea Website – listings and info on lodging in Atlántida Uruguay

¡Hola fans of the home location of Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me, charming Atlántida on the Costa de Oro of Uruguay! We now have launched our Atlántida hotel listing site

Windswept trees, dune grasses, and the blue sea
Atlántida Uruguay’s windswept Playa Brava, steps from some Atlántida Hotels

We’ve listed the websites and some descriptions of the leading hotels in Atlàntida, Uruguay. Also are some hotels near Atlántida but not in it, with a caveat that many web searches and some paid listings often return hotels not in Atlántida, if you search for Atlántida Uruguay Hotels. Yes, there’s a big “This Domain For Sale” notice, more on that below, but we also loaded it with solid current info about local hotels. Complete with brief descriptions and location info, links to their websites, and if they have them, links to their Google+ Pages.

Because we are hard-hitting, honest, opinionated folks here at Uruguay Expat Life, we even noted that warning for a hotel that is a client of our affiliated web and social media business, Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing. We like our client’s hotel in Parque del Plata, but it’s not an Atlántida hotel. It is an Atlántida-area hotel. There’s a difference. For example, we recently had family visit from the USA, and our casita is too small to put them up. So we booked them into an Atlántida hotel right on the rambla and in walking distance from our house. As much as we like Parque del Plata, choosing a hotel there for people expecting to be in Atlántida itself can lead to disappointment. Whereas choosing a Parque del Plata hotel for the classic beachside resort ambiance, surf shops, and that town’s own unique feel is great! Because this isn’t an ad (except for our own site and our own “domain for sale” of it, if we decide not to use it for our own paid directory), we’re not mentioning our client’s hotel except to say that yes, it is one of the two we listed as “Not in Atlántida” but nearby.

This new, simple, short, page is mostly a placeholder. Whipped it up in a few minutes using the “site builder” templates from our domain provider We are considering using it as a paid directory, or a free with paid upgrades and advertising directory. In that case, we’ll be designing and building out a full WordPress site. However we are also open to selling the domain for the right price, which is why you see a big Domain For Sale headline on it. But there’s also solid, current, valuable information about Atlantida hotels on the page – we didn’t just put up an empty “for sale” billboard.

For those interested in the domain name, please email to to start a discussion. We have several other Atlántida, Costa de Oro, and SouthernCone domain names in our portfolio. Can be sold separately or bundled. Serious inquiries only, recognizing the value starts in four-figures USD.

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