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Get personal advice on Uruguay living and travel – Now at Plansify!

We at Uruguay Expat Life & Uruguay For Me enjoy sharing our experiences, creating internet communities where other folks considering life in Uruguay gather to chat, and meeting and conversing with other expats, immigrants, slow travelers, who may be wondering if Uruguay is for them. That’s why we created and offer so many different free options for online community, like all the ones in our menu up top. Including the very popular Uruguay Expat Life Community on the Google social platform. We will continue to curate and encourage these communities, post our own observations here at the heart of our site network and on our social media sites, and encourage everyone to contribute. Lisa Mercer and I also get a lot of emails, private messages, and contact form responses, and we’re happy to give some quick info.

Sometimes what you need is more than just public social media and blog discussions, more than a short general reply to an email. When it comes to asking “Is Uruguay for me?”, that requires research, perspective, advice, and on-the-ground knowledge. Same with figuring out all the various travel alternatives and ways to maximize frequent flyer programs and schemes to afford the multiple trips you really should do before committing to live here. Now we have a way to help you with those details, via Plansify.

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I (Mark Mercer) am thrilled and honored to have been invited by famous travel blogger / entrepreneur “Wandering Earl” to be one of the Travel Advisors at, and it’s now live! You can book your consultation with me right now.

For a very affordable fee, you can ask me three detailed questions by email, and they don’t have to be all at once. This can be a great option for questions that need research, or where you may have a followup to the first answer. For example, “I don’t really like big cities but I don’t want to be out in a rural area – what places do you think I could consider in Uruguay?” where you might send me more detail about where you live now, where you’ve gone before, and then I can reply with some ideas. Your followup might then be, “OK so I’m going to start in this particular area of Uruguay. I’m coming from the western USA. What do you suggest as my best travel options?”

Or, you can ask all three at once. Whatever works best for you.

Image of Mark's profile details. Follow the link to the site  for screenreaders to read the text on the profile

Also available: A one hour Skype consultation, where we can have a good discussion about your questions, thoughts, concerns about living here, coming to Uruguay, immigration issues, and anything else relevant. Though I’m a big fan of Google Hangouts, Plansify for now is working specifically via Skype for this, so that’s what we’ll be using for your custom consultation. It’s available on every computer and mobile platform, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, so it’ll work just fine. Get Skype here if you don’t have it. Despite Microsoft now owning it, it works just fine on Android and Linux – depending on the weather, I might be outside using my Android tablet from the beach 3 blocks away! Though Winter is starting here in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’ll be inside, probably from my Linux laptop, for now!

That technical point above is a hint that I’m also doing consultations on Travel Technology. If you follow my public Facebook posts and Google+ posts, my personal @mcmxs Twitter, or have read some of the travel tech articles on my general travel site, The Fuzzy Wanderer, you probably already know I’m kind of a geek. Where, “kind of” means, “yeah, he’s a tech-head”. But I’ve done a lot of technical writing, documentation, training, and hands-on help, so I can help you with your technology, compatibility issues, what-to-take questions, and more, in language you’ll understand. Like, “What is a good Global Roaming service that’s cheaper than my home country cell?”, “Can I use my phone in Uruguay or Thailand or wherever?”, “How do I get mobile internet?”, or even general tech primers on electric compatibility, and how to find the darn @ sign for emails and tweets on foreign language keyboards! (You’d be surprised how many folks from North America, especially, get stymied. Including me in the lobby of my Buenos Aires hotel in Recoleta 8 years ago!)

Plus I’m very experienced leveraging frequent flyer programs for all they are worth – and that experience is needed as the programs become worse and harder to leverage. If you know what you’re doing, you can often still get good benefit from them. But you need to understand airline alliances, classes of services (which isn’t coach/business/first but fare classes) and how they interact with earnings, partnerships and rivalries, and more. For example, how to get down here or back using miles/kilometers/points from different programs which can’t be combined. Which airline program to join (hint – it might not be the one from your “home” airline, depending on what benefits you want.) Uruguay specifically, and the Southern Cone of South America in general, is expensive to fly when buying tickets, even though distances are about the same as many North America to Europe and even some North America to Asia flights costing less. What airline programme, strategies, frequent flier schemes, should you use for your travels here and your other ongoing travel to best maximize your miles? Sometimes that can mean flying Swiss International within South America! Or crediting your in-USA flights to a Latin American frequent flyer program instead of to United, Delta, American.

I can help you with that. Including info on best international airport layovers and stopovers.

My particular specialties, or my perspective, not what you need? No worries, Plansify has dozens of advisors, taken from some of the best-known and less-known but should-be-best-known, experts in general travel, expat life, slow travel, immersion travel, region-specific information, and more. Browse and pick which one of us best fits your particular travel needs, at We’re live now, we launched today June 19, 2014, and we’re looking to help you!

Remember, Lisa and I will both still be avidly posting on Social Media, posting new long and short-form articles here on this site, launching a separate Uruguay For Me site soon, and continuing to engage and discuss with you about the realities and issues, values and problems, the good and the bad, the funny and the important, of Uruguay expat life. However, now we can also afford to give you personalized attention, for specific questions or a long consultation, via Plansify. Best of both worlds!

Schedule your Plansify consultation with me here.

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