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We, Lisa Mercer and Mark Mercer, have used many times ourselves, both for our original exploration of Uruguay back in mid-2011, our so-called Uruguay Reality Check trip, and for the hotel stays before and after our temporary seasonal rental here in Atlántida. We’ve used other services, and many of them also are good, such as South America’s own, which has some inventory that other sites don’t (we’re not a partner nor affiliate of Reservas so we don’t get any credit from them, but they’re worth a look too, and we’ve also personally used them. Nothing wrong with comparison shopping!) But of the bigger, English-language-based sites, we’ve found to be one of the best. Not just for Uruguay and South America – we used them just a few months ago, to book a very inexpensive and highly convenient hotel in our old neighborhood of the Upper West Side in New York City. Other times, we’ve used them for hotels in Lima, Peru – a frequent stopover for us on trips between USA and Uruguay, to make a bit of a mini-vacation out of it.

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We hope to be adding an airline partner soon too, but haven’t settled on one yet. Please let us know in the comments right below if you’d like that, and if so, what partner you might suggest.

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