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Uruguay Expat Life isn’t just a website, nor a social media page. It’s also a vibrant, interactive, online web forum. Free to all, open to all. Unlike so many of the other Uruguay-based social media “groups”, it’s not hidden from the public and it won’t be. So you’re free to browse it without being a member, to learn from what our hundreds of Community members have posted. Free to join it to ask your questions, start your own topics, have private Hangout conversations as text, audio, or video chat with others, post live GIFs, if they’re relevant or at least funny!)

Plus, we welcome Company/Business Pages to join and participate, as long as they don’t spam. That’s impossible in old-school Facebook Groups. Do you, or your business have a relevant-to-Uruguay blog? Feel free to share your updates. Just please write a customized intro, relevant to expats/immigrants in Uruguay. Write about teaching English as a foreign language, in Uruguay. Tax issues, for expats in Uruguay. Not just for expats in general. Got a blog about your life in Uruguay? Fine to share your posts, as long as you also engage on them with meaningful intros, comments and replies to other members’ comments. We’re not going to ban you just because you link to something. As long as you don’t spam.

Who is “we”? Your hosts – the publishers of this website, author and sports fitness expert and travel writer Lisa Marie Mercer, and writer, technologist, traveler, and Former Corporate Tool™ Mark Mercer. Heavily moderated against Spam, lightly moderated otherwise. If we ever add moderators, they will be chosen only from other people currently living in Uruguay with valid Uruguayan cédulas (national ID cards) proving they are residents in processing, permanent residents, or citizens of this wonderful little country, Uruguay. No moderators who never lived here, or who moved away, who don’t have “skin in the game”, at Uruguay Expat Life.

Nothing new to join, no new ID or login needed, unless you are one of the very few people who don’t already use anything from Google. If you have an Android phone or tablet, a Picasa photo album, a YouTube account, use Gmail, Google Calendar, sign into Chrome browser to sync your computers, use Google Drive, write in Google Docs, or use any of dozens of other Google services, you’re already a member with just a click or two. Nothing new to remember!

Come join hundreds of others here already. Some names and faces you might recognize from other groups. Others may be new to you, so make new friends and connections! Want to know something about moving to Uruguay? Start a topic on it. It’s your Community too.

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Mark Mercer

Site co-owner Mark Mercer. AKA Marcos Cristoforo Mercer, AKA the Fuzzy Wanderer. Expat from USA living in Uruguay as of mid-2012, after "test-driving" it for a few months in 2011 and early 2012. Married to Lisamaria, AKA well-known travel and fitness writer Lisa Marie Mercer. Follow Mark on Twitter @mcmxs and his many other sites, which you can find at I write and engage about many of my other interests, on Google+ at