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Thank you to all our new followers! Do you know all our sites?

Twitter Profile and cover imageIt’s been a great November, and it’s not even over. Thank you to all our new followers across our site and social media network for Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me. Between new email subscribers to this website (you can sign up directly from our sidebar) who get every post in their inbox, new RSS subscribers, new members of our Uruguay Expat Life Community forum, new followers of our @UruguayForMe Twitter, new people who’ve followed our Google+ Pages for Uruguay For Me (the more “just the facts” page) and Uruguay Expat Life (the more open-ended and personal/anecdotal one) in their G+ Circles, and new Facebook Page followers, that’s well over 100 new people this month.

Uruguay Expat Life - Community - Google+ 20141120 410 membersOur, no, your, Community, broke through to more than 400 members this week, after less than a year and a half in existence. Our Facebook Page broke through over 800 people who Liked and Followed it, and one of our posts got well over 700 people reached, with no “pay to play” to Facebook for you to be able to see it. That’s due to your interest, sharing, and engagement with our articles and posts. Lots of new Twitter followers, several new people Circling our Google+ Pages (those Pages are not the same thing as our Google Community – the Community is where you can post your own questions and topics!)

We’re grateful, looking forward to hearing from you in our free Community, in your emails via our Contact Us form, as comments on our Facebook and G+ Page posts, and in your replies and retweets to our Tweets. Also remember, there’s a Comment section at the bottom of every article on this website, and it uses the same ID you already probably have for commenting on so many other sites on the web.

Follow some of them? Why not follow all? We don’t always post the same things – each part of our network has a slightly different feel and style. Plus, cool ways to automatically get our newest articles – via email and RSS.

feed-icon-28x28Use our RSS feed to put all our website posts automatically on the front page of your custom web portal like My Yahoo, or in the Feedly or similar Reader apps for iPhone and Android, in the LinkedIn Pulse news aggregator, in Live Bookmarks in Firefox, or in RSS extensions in Chrome that let you follow the latest from all your favorite sites.

Favorite sites including Uruguay Expat Life and Author Susan Joyce's Lullaby Illusion blog shown on My Yahoo!

You almost certainly already have a Google ID of some kind (Android phone, tablet, Gmail account, YouTube comments, Picasa photos, Google Drive…) so why not join our Community – you don’t heed anything else new, no no signup or passwords, nothing to join that you’re not already in. The Google social platform has a lot of features that the old-style Facebook Groups can’t match, so why not post some pictures, have a private Hangout (which can be anything from a private message, to a voice or video chat, to a conference) to plan an asado, ask some questions, or get to know some folks you might not know from elsewhere, plus meet up with many you already do. You can totally ignore all the other parts of Google+ if you like. Or you may find other people, company pages, wonderfully rich and beautifully presented photography, and Cat GIFs that actually move, elsewhere on it! (Hint: Type #Caturday at the G+ search box that’s at the top of any page. Click that link to see cats even if you’re not a member.)

Don’t use Twitter? Why not give it a try? All free, much interesting and entertaining to follow beyond just our @UruguayForMe, no matter what your interests. Also one of the best sources of breaking news from around the world. Plus our web business, Southern Cross Social Web, has a technology and social marketing Twitter that any of your who are online or real world entrepreneurs should consider following. We post lots of tips and discovered articles, plus our own, on how to keep your websites safe, hosting a site like this one here, marketing your business online, and general computer safety, security, and privacy issues. Want to get an idea of who to follow on Twitter? Maybe the lists of whom we follow at @SouthCruzWeb, at @UruguayForMe, and at our personal Twitter accounts for Mark Mercer @mcmxs and Lisa Marie Mercer @Lisamarimer who bring you this website and network, might give you some good starting points.

Just use Facebook? That’s ok, we’re certainly there, and every post from this site does get automatically shared to our Facebook page, along with lots of stuff we post only on Facebook.

Uruguay Expat Life Facebook profile -header photo, call to sign up and follow, example of a FB-only post on a Uruguayan compoiserWe want to be wherever you are on the Modern Social Web. We do thank you for following and joining our sites, love posting and sharing things with you and hearing from you. We’re planning new features for next year (or sooner), 99% of the still all free, and you can get the most out of all the free info and community building opportunities if you join us at all our sites and social networks. But it’s always your choice. However you connect with us, we’re very grateful!

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