Our “Uruguay For Me” network and affordable consultations via Plansify (Now closed)

UPDATE: As of January 17, 2017, the Plansify service has been closed, with one day of notice, by its owners. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please direct any issues to its founder/owner, the well-known and excellent travel-blogger, “Wandering Earl”. Thank you for your trust in our consultation services to the many clients, several who became friends, during the time that Uruguay For Me / Uruguay Expat Life co-publisher Mark Mercer was a Plansify Advisor. And thank you for the consistently high ratings you gave! Sometime during the remainder of Q1 or during Q2 2017, as part of an overall overhaul of our online presence including a redesign of this website, we may be launching a direct, low-cost, paid consultation service via our to-be-launched full UrugayFor.Me website.

We are interested in your comments and suggestions for what you might like that service to be, price ranges for consultation (our last-year Plansify price was $21 USD for a 3-question detailed email session and $65 for a 1-hour Skype or similar voice-call. A chunk of that went to “Wandering Earl” and his partner, which if we do a direct service, we won’t have reducing our revenue, so we might go slightly lower.) Please feel free to use the Contact Form right here on this website, to send us your suggestions and ideas. Please don’t ask for or expect free personalized advice, because things of value are worth paying a fair price.

Meanwhile both Mark and Lisa are regularly adding short-to-medium-length content on our Facebook Page (publish/comment-only, we don’t do messaging or allow posting there), and both host and as members, participate, in the Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google. At that community/forum, we do sometimes share specific advice and ideas, though not as detailed or researched as when we’re getting paid to do it! Also, too-rarely, post updates to our @UruguayForMe Twitter. All of which can be found from the links right here on the sidebar and menu of this website.

Thank you for the continued great feedback for our “Uruguay For Me” consultations  we offer via the innovative “Plansify” service. Mark Mercer is the official Plansify consultant, invited at the launch of the service last year by famous travel blogger, Plansify founder “Wandering Earl”. Uruguay Expat Life/Uruguay For Me co-owner, travel author Lisa Marie Mercer, also is involved in the research and consultation process. It’s a great value for personalized research and perspective for your questions about expat life in Uruguay.


The costs are quite low (though they are increasing slightly in Mid-July, so you may want to book now! We’ll honor previous pricing for confirmed bookings), and we do research specific to your questions. Whether you choose the “three detailed email questions” or the “One hour Skype call” option, you can give some background on your issues ahead of time, so that we can do our best to get your relevant-to-you answers. How relevant? Please check Mark Mercer’s feedback at Plansify.com/markmercer to read real client responses. Based on sessions done and feedback received, we’re humbly pleased that Mark is on the front page of their long list of advisors, sharing the page with well-known travel and expat luminaries like “Wandering Earl” (and Plansify co-founder) Derek Baron himself, and widely-published financial consultant and long-term traveler Nora Dunn, among other top advisors.

Traveling or moving elsewhere? We encourage you to consider them, and the other Plansify consultants, for your non-Uruguay destination needs. (We do NOT get any commission for your booking of anyone other than Mark – this is a straight-up recommendation based purely on thinking the service, and their list of advisors, is a great idea!)

In case we haven’t explained it recently, our “Uruguay For Me” branding with its “name tells the story” UruguayFor.Me website address, is the paid-services part of our overall site network. At least, the starting-to-monetize, as the startup culture calls it, part of our offering. “Uruguay Expat Life”, including this website here at UruguayExpat.Info (another of our “the name tells the story” domains), is and will always be our “internet gift culture” part of the overall “Uruguay Expat Life and Uruguay For Me Site Network”. Everything presented on this site is free to read, though of course we do appreciate you considering purchasing or booking advertised items such as the books, technology services, and Booking.com reservations we showcase on this site. We do earn a few dollars (or sometimes just a few cents) for purchases you make of items on those links, or at the same vendor after clicking through those links (like buying a dress or a computer at Amazon after clicking into Amazon via our book links.) Those help us keep bringing you this site and the rest of our free site network.

But you don’t have to pay for nor buy anything to see, and we hope learn from and enjoy, this entire site. It’s free!  As are the Uruguay Expat Life Facebook Page, the Uruguay Expat Life/Uruguay For Me Twitter stream,  the Uruguay Expat Life Community Forum open to all on the Google network. (And unlike the competing Facebook groups, readable by anyone without having to join the group, without even having to have an ID on that social network. So though all posts there are public, we don’t need you to “sign up” if you just want to read what others write. You can even read it in an anonymous private / incognito browser window. All it takes to post is any Google ID, like the one you already have for Gmail, YouTube, or your Android phone or tablet.) 

Also part of the free network, though updated less frequently, are AtlantidaExpats.Com, the unofficial site with independent information on life in our coastal resort town, Atlántida, and its region of the Uruguay Costa de Oro. Originally offered as a free gift at our expense to the local “Atlántida English Speakers” twice-monthly meeting and informal group, when they refused our repeated gift, we repurposed it as an independent local offering with our editorial voice – but we also do keep updated information and links to the time and place of their regular expat meeting.

And we own AtlantidaHotel.com, with review and information summaries and links to some hotels you might consider when visiting our area, or doing your “Uruguay Reality Check™ Trip” to our area as part of your expat exploration. (Scroll past the “This Domain For Sale” notice, though if you’re interested, send serious offers only to domains@southerncrossweb.com. We have a portfolio of several Uruguay and South America-related domain names, including costadeorohotel.com, southernconehotel.com, and the plural “hotels” variants, available exclusively directly through our web business, Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing.) If you find a hotel of interest there, we’d appreciate your popping back here to UruguayExpat.Info to search for it by name and book it via our Booking.com link at the top of the page, because we haven’t gotten to putting up commission-paying affiliate links on the AtlantidaHotel site yet. Like we said, “starting” to monetize, not pushing it. But your booking through our link here or at the top of the page does help, and we thank you! The comments about the hotels at our AtlantidaHotels.com site are based on our own firsthand knowledge about those local properties.

We are going to be building those sites out more in the near future (unless somebody wants to buy the domains, jajaja jeje!) But there’s good info there today. Please visit those too! It’s all part of the same network of mostly-free, high-quality, on-the-ground, independent information about life in Uruguay, the Uruguay Expat Life and Uruguay For Me Site Networka service of Southern Cross Web, from Author Lisa Marie Mercer and Technologist and Writer Mark C. Mercer.  We hope to see you online, in a Plansify consultation, on our free forum, in comments on our social media pages, or possibly even in person here in Uruguay. Thanks for visiting our sites!

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