Renovation in progress!

We have the site in surgery for a while. Using a temporary “look and feel” and that may change several times. Among other things, we’re trying to figure out where all the images disappeared to – looks like we had a flawed backup. They’ll show up; we have lots of backups offsite if we need to re-do them. Yes, we recovered them.

But if you see this, that means the rest of the site is available, including all the article text content, even if it looks funky.


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Mark Mercer

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2 thoughts on “Renovation in progress!”

  1. I had the same problem when I tried to change my WP blog over to another server. Your photos/media in general is not saved when you do a standard wordpress backup, unfortunately. I’ve been on the task of tediously replacing each media file, and I recommend you begin doing the same, despite the huge pain-in-the-ass that it is. I wish wordpress would allow backups of media files by default.

    1. As you can now see, they’re back. I use BackWPup backup plugin with the destination being my Amazon S3 account, in site-specific storage buckets. This creates a zipped archive containing all files and folders, plus the crucial database dump for reloading, plus various metadata and root files.

      Problem was, due to some database incompatibility between the prior and new servers, the references to the images were screwed up. Fixed that and all ok again.

      Thanks for your comment and for reading the site. Your point about regular WordPress backups not backing up images is important for people to know.

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