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Who are Uruguay Expat Life and Uruguay for Me?

We’re longtime world traveler, fitness expert, published author of guidebooks, historical novels, and inspirational fitness books Lisa Marie Mercer, and freelance writer, IT consultant, former ski instructor and “Former Corporate Tool” Mark Mercer. AKA Lisamaria y Marcos Cristoforo in the forms of our names en español.

Lisa in Colonia, Uruguay
Lisa on a back street in Colonia, during our second visit there – the start of our two-week Uruguay Reality Check in late April, mid-Autumn, 2011.

In early 2011, while in a intra-USA search for a “next chapter”, Mark asked Lisa, “If we were going to move to another country, out of the ones we’ve visited in recent years, which one do you think we should check out?” Lisa thought a moment and answered, “Uruguay.” (Setting: Driving back from the grocery store. Who knows what brought that on!)

But it’s not that simple – you need to have a plan. You need to check out the country, know how to find your way around, connect with people and places to find out what calls to you. At the same time, you want to avoid the hucksters, shills, International Real Estate Pushers in the guise of “independent advice”, and other folks happy to part you from very large amounts of money.

Mark on windswept Playa Brava beach in Atlántida
Mark on windswept Playa Brava in Atlántida, early Spring September 2011 during our Uruguay Test Drive 3-month stay.

No matter what type of Expat you may be, with the right advice and a mix of free and affordable books and coaching, you can find out if Uruguay is for You.

That’s why we’re here. To share our stories, the good, the bad, the crazy, the wins, the mistakes, the lessons learned. We have some books available for sale on links in the sidebar and in posts. We’ll be adding to that, along with lots of free advice.

Also please join us at our Uruguay Expat Life Facebook Page, our Uruguay Expat Life Google+ Page, and our Google+ Page Uruguay For Me. That’s our companion brand for information, referral, assistance, and customized help for your Uruguay Reality Check initial exploration visit and Uruguay Test Drive™ Uruguay expat life try-out, to help you answer the increasingly popular question, is Uruguay For Me?

Full launch of Uruguay For Me will be later, but we’re building our network of partners, trusted advertisers, hotels for short-term stays, real estate agencies and private owners for test-drive rentals, pet relocation assistance providers, Spanish language teachers, translators, interpreters, and more. We’re looking to help the (mostly) Do-It-Yourself types, immersion travelers, self-directed expats, and other potential immigrants considering Uruguay. We want to connect you with the assistance of trusted professionals you need for the areas where you need a little help. While providing the info and support you need for the things you can do yourself,  quite affordably and easily, if you have the right on-the-ground, first-hand, no-agenda, no-BS intel. Making it easier for you than it was for us.

There are plenty of firms, websites, lawyers (of which we are not!), packagers, planners, of high-cost, high-touch, full-service Uruguay Immigration Packages. That’s not our thing. We can suggest some names, if you do want a full-service package, but we’re not vetting nor vouching for them. What we’re planning to do for you, is what we wish somebody had already been doing when we got here: A menu of reasonably priced, reliable, no-strings, no-bundles info and services to help you be the general contractor for your own life renovation by moving to this gem of the Southern Cone: The wonderful, welcoming, free, friendly, growing, stable, beautiful, peaceful, developed yet charmingly old-fashioned, Oriental Republic of Uruguay.  If you’ve been following our own experiences, for good and bumpy, here on Uruguay Expat Life, you’ll see that we’re your advance team, scouting that territory.

Please visit our various sites and social network pages, where we have lots more photos, quick stories, shares of Uruguay-related news from across Facebook and the web at large, and other goodies. For the most part, different content on each site and social network.

We’ll of course continue to bring you personal experiences, interviews with other new expats and immigrants, reporting and analysis on Uruguay’s economy, its healthcare system, job opportunities, and lots of fun stuff, for free, gift-culture shared, just like we have been doing all along here at Uruguay Expat Life, right here at UruguayExpat.Info We, and this blog, aren’t going anywhere, it’s too much fun sharing with you!

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Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to comment, send us questions and suggestions, and we hope you enjoy the stories and pictures we share.

Lisa Marie (Lisamaria) & Mark (Marcos Cristoforo) Mercer.
(and Luchito el Galgo / Spanish Greyhound), Owner-Operators of Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me and Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing. Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay.