Casa Inspiracion Atlantida

One of the great things about being an expat is the fascinating people who share ta similar lifestyle. Just as we came from the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, Syd and Gundy arrived from the mountains of British Columbia. Read about Casa Inspiracion, their bed and breakfast in Villa Argentina. If you’re thinking of doing a “try Uruguay” trip, these folks are an excellent resource.

A private pool at Casa Inspiracion
Pool at Casa Inspiracion

The Grumpy Gringo Factor

I just finished reading a fantastic article on Escape from America by Corey Coates, of Five Gallon Sound. Coates describes a certain type of expat, who we frequently encounter at expat meetings in Atlantida, or on certain Uruguay expat message boards. As they whine about everything from their neighbors, the constantly rising cost of living and the products they can’t find in a supermarket,  you wonder why they continue to live here. Coates calls them the “Grumpy Gringos.” Continue reading The Grumpy Gringo Factor

House for Sale in Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento was our introduction to Uruguay, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We just received an email about a Colonia house for sale for $150,000 US.

Like many things in Uruguay, you often hear about the best deals by word of mouth. For more about Colonia del Sacramento, check out my article in USA Today.

Colonia home for sale
Colonia del Sacramento house for sale

Expat Author Meeting in Punta del Este

The Punta del Este meeting of Susan Joyce and Cherie Magnus was amazing. As expected, the two women had much to discuss. Read the details here:

A Meeting of Creative Minds in Punta del Este Uruguay

Edit 2013-03-23: Susan Joyce’s home on the web for her books, art, blog, and more, is now live at

For the Love of the Spanish Language

If you have studied traditional Spanish, you will, for the most part, be fine in Uruguay. However, there are a few variations in pronunciation that might come as a surprise. Here is an interesting perspective on the difference between Rioplatense and Traditional Spanish.