Pics of the Day

Rarely a day goes by in Uruguay where I don’t see one of those things that make you say “hmmm!” Today, when Whistler and I ventured out on our afternoon walk, we came upon a family who were obviously planning to move to a different location. Check out their “moving van”

Moving, Atlantida Style!

As we continued to wander around the neighborhood, we reached the circumference of the Atlantida Zoo.  As usual, I walked to the gate to pay a sneak visit to the goats, and lo behold, this is what I saw:

A Goat and a Rooster Having a Kumbaya Moment

The rooster was sort of moving back and forth on the goat’s back. Oddly, the goat was not complaining!

Mujica the Best President in the World, says Monocle

The word is out. Monocle Magazine, a publication that reports on global affairs, lists Uruguay’s own José Mujica as the best president in the world.

“Contrary to popular belief, the best leader in the world is not Barack Obama. Sorry to break it to the Germans but it’s not Angela Merkel either. François Hollande? Not a chance. The greatest head of state these days is José Mujica, Uruguay’s president,”  says writer Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi.

I would tend to agree, and said so in this article about our beloved Pepe.

The farm truck story really got to me. Pepe, you rock!

Coconut and Electricity

Since moving to Uruguay, I developed an unexplained passion for cooking with coconut. It’s not that coconut is necessarily a national Uruguayan dish. It’s just that coconut milk and chopped coconut is easily available, wherever you go. Behold! My pollo milanese topped with strawberries, shrimp coconut and balsamic vinegar:

Milanese with Strawberries, Shrimp, Coconut, and Balsamic Vinegar
Milanese With Strawberries, Shrimp, Coconut and Balsamic Vinegar

As this is a coastal town, seafood is easily available, at highly affordable prices. On Friday evening, our little town was experiencing one of those Dixie-like storms, the kind that reminded me of our year in Raleigh, North Carolina. Powerful and dramatic, the thunders out loud and clear, like a Sunday morning hymn in a gospel church.

I love this type of storm, even though the sound of thunder scares the living daylights out of me, unlike the non-stop whimpering of the rain in the Pacific Northwest, which goes on and on and on, like the girl who never stops moaning over her unrequited love. But I digress.

Deciding that this was a perfect night for seafood and coconut soup, I opened one bottle on coconut milk, and poured its contents into the pot. Halfway through opening the second bottle, the sound of a rather expressive thunder-boomer sent reverberations through my body, causing a fountain of coconut to spray into my face with the force of the water that sprays out of the Uruguayan bidets.

So here I am with coconut milk all over my face (I know what you’re thinking, but don’t go there!) Continue reading Coconut and Electricity