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We have the site in surgery for a while. Using a temporary “look and feel” and that may change several times. Among other things, we’re trying to figure out where all the images disappeared to – looks like we had a flawed backup. They’ll show up; we have lots of backups offsite if we need to re-do them. Yes, we recovered them.

But if you see this, that means the rest of the site is available, including all the article text content, even if it looks funky.


Thank you to all our new followers! Do you know all our sites?

Twitter Profile and cover imageIt’s been a great November, and it’s not even over. Thank you to all our new followers across our site and social media network for Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me. Between new email subscribers to this website (you can sign up directly from our sidebar) who get every post in their inbox, new RSS subscribers, new members of our Uruguay Expat Life Community forum, new followers of our @UruguayForMe Twitter, new people who’ve followed our Google+ Pages for Uruguay For Me (the more “just the facts” page) and Uruguay Expat Life (the more open-ended and personal/anecdotal one) in their G+ Circles, and new Facebook Page followers, that’s well over 100 new people this month.

Uruguay Expat Life - Community - Google+ 20141120 410 membersOur, no, your, Community, broke through to more than 400 members this week, after less than a year and a half in existence. Our Facebook Page broke through over 800 people who Liked and Followed it, and one of our posts got well over 700 people reached, with no “pay to play” to Facebook for you to be able to see it. That’s due to your interest, sharing, and engagement with our articles and posts. Lots of new Twitter followers, several new people Circling our Google+ Pages (those Pages are not the same thing as our Google Community – the Community is where you can post your own questions and topics!)

We’re grateful, looking forward to hearing from you in our free Community, in your emails via our Contact Us form, as comments on our Facebook and G+ Page posts, and in your replies and retweets to our Tweets. Also remember, there’s a Comment section at the bottom of every article on this website, and it uses the same ID you already probably have for commenting on so many other sites on the web.

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You almost certainly already have a Google ID of some kind (Android phone, tablet, Gmail account, YouTube comments, Picasa photos, Google Drive…) so why not join our Community – you don’t heed anything else new, Continue reading Thank you to all our new followers! Do you know all our sites?

Uruguay Expat Life Manifesto

I thought it about time to clarify and codify what we’re about here at Uruguay Expat Life. Here is a list of our key points, values, perspectives.

1. The name really should be Uruguay Immigrant Life. Expat shows up better in search so we went with that. But we immigrated to here, we do not think we’re here from somewhere else that is “really home”. We’re about the experience of moving to Uruguay because we want to live here, permanently, to identify as now being in Uruguay as home. Not to identify primarily as being an expatriate from somewhere else.

2. We’re almost certainly the wrong site for you if you’re on an “expat assignment”, a “temporary secondment” to Uruguay, or are a “trailing spouse”. Perhaps you should visit I Was an Expat Wife for that sort of general “expat in a strange land” perspective. Seriously, that’s a great site for what it is, its author is very self aware, and a good writer. We don’t have young children, and if we did we would be looking at giving them the advantage of native education in a dynamic growing Spanish-native culture in a school system where everyone gets a free laptop, rather than looking for “The English School”.

3. We are about coming here to live, not coming here to visit. Thus we’re not primarily writing travel articles. Those we do write here are for people visiting Uruguay as part of trying it out or considering it as their new home, not just passing through. Though hopefully some of our articles make you consider Uruguay as a vacation destination. Who knows what might happen to you next!

4. We do have some overlap with the “slow travel” and “immersion travel” market, Continue reading Uruguay Expat Life Manifesto

We love comments and questions. Inappropriate internet stalking and demands, not so much

We at Uruguay Expat Life, Lisa Marie Mercer and Mark Mercer, love to get your questions, comments, thoughts. We’re happy to share, via “internet gift culture“, some of our own experiences and advice, “free-as-in-beer“. Worth every penny, pound, or peso paid.

Which means, don’t be all-so-demanding, OK? Don’t stalk us around the Social Web trying to get our attention to reply to your demand for free stuff NOW! It’s just rude. (Don’t do that to other people who give you free stuff either.) On other places on the internet, where we aren’t self-edited to neutral “come to Uruguay” welcoming voice, but rather are our “anything’s game”, opinionated snarky selves, we might just make fun of you… 

Dear Internet – Please read for comprehension. | Falling Off The Hemisphere.

Continue reading We love comments and questions. Inappropriate internet stalking and demands, not so much

Site Spring Cleaning (Southern spring starts soon)

A few minor site tweaks, amigos y vecinos. Please let us know how you like/hate/”meh” them in our comments section below. Especially if anything seems “broken” to you now when you visit our site. (Unless you’re still using Internet Explorer 8 or older, or any other outdated browser. Even Microsoft doesn’t want you to use old versions of Internet Explorer.)

Here’s what’s new!

A. New spiffy non-popping-up Share Buttons!

Sharebutton set of rounded buttons, with rectangular Save for Later buttons below.


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