Immigrants with clotheslines.

Yes, that’s us. That’s our backyard. We’re immigrants, hanging clothes out like generations of immigrants have done. Which they mostly can’t do in the USA anymore because of idiotic regulations.

Immigrants with clotheslines. Yes, that’s us.

I finally put up the outdoor clotheslines today. Just in time for some wash for the workweek. Because to my still-amazement and amusement, I have a workweek again, starting tomorrow. Clean underwear, not so much. Hence the clothesline.

Couple of points from this:

First – Hallelujah! No Condo Board, no HOA, no landlord telling me it’s against the rules to have a clothesline. Where we lived in Colorado, the HOA-from-Hell not only banned clotheslines, they banned having any washer-dryer in your condo, which you owned, unless you bought their specific nearly-$2000 USD unvented washer/dryer single inefficient unit. And either gave up your dishwasher, or your coat closet, the only two approved installation locations. Of course you had to pay them an inspection/approval fee, and a yearly fee for the right to wash your clothes.

Where we used to own, in Brookline, Mass., the queen bee of the condo board and his wife would have had conniptions if you dared hang a sock out your window, and they too charged for the right to own your own washer-dryer in your own home.

Here, nobody cares. Sure, we rent our little casita, but there’s not a single ban on anything in the lease. There’s also not much of an obligation on the dueño either; a previous post explained how a bad kitchen faucet was our problem not his. Essentially it’s “you pay for the right to live as if it were your house”, Continue reading Immigrants with clotheslines.