English-Speaking Sports Commentators Needed in Montevideo

Diego Forlan about to kick a soccer ball.
Know everything there is to know about Suarez and Forlán: Apply for this job.


People often ask us about expat jobs in Uruguay. The Uruguayan job market often has a serendipitous nature, with work showing up where you’d least expect it. For example, if you follow Uruguayan sports with a passion, here’s something that showed up today in our inbox:

“Hi there,
We are looking to recruit English expats in Montevideo for sports broadcasting work. If you could spread the word it could be a great flexible job for someone who has a love of sports and a good voice or some form of broadcast/radio experience and lives in Montevideo.

Anyone interested can email me at otaylor7@hotmail.com.


Go for it!

Tech Startup Movement in South America

Stylized drawing of Uruguay map with computer users and students, family watching internet cloud video on large flatscreen TV,  foreground featued image of female physician referring to electronic medical records on a tablet while examining a male patient. Inset map of Uruguay's location in South America
Montevideo and Uruguay – Growing Technology Hub.

Uruguay is the place to be for tech opportunity. As is “Technolatina” South America in general. Startup or established, large or small business.

Yesterday on our social networks, I shared a new article from new-business, entrepreneur-targeted Fast Company, which noted that Montevideo, Uruguay is becoming a Technology Hub. My link goes directly to my comments on their report, where I explain that in many ways, it’s not just “becoming”, it already is. I give solid reasons and examples why, including how I was “discovered” by a major cloud software / services company, NetSuite, by virtue of moving to Uruguay, and got a job as a technical writer here in Montevideo – by virtue of having “changed the rules of the game” for my career, because I moved out of a growth-challenged society (USA) into a growing, business-friendly one (Uruguay).

Same Mark Mercer, same skills. Career prematurely executed in USA, in demand in Uruguay.  Read the link for the details of why Uruguay is right for business, Continue reading Tech Startup Movement in South America