Uruguay Basics: Money – Use Debit Cards to pay less. Still worth it in 2018

Best way to save money on what you spend in Uruguay, whether visiting or living here, resident or tourist? Use your debit cards for anything and everything you can. Not cash, and except in two cases, not credit cards. That’s the TL;DR basics indeed. The rest of this article is, to be honest, not all that “basic” but that’s the concept – Debit Card plastic payments give you a lot of savings in Uruguay, and no, not just the “tourist rebate” you might read about elsewhere (and further in to this very article too!)

2018 Update: Still good this year too, though the tax rebate on everyday purchases has dropped back to the permanent 2% from last year’s temporary bonus.

The 4% instant rebate on all debit cards, foreign or domestic, is was back for 2017! Up from “only” 2% 2016 and 3% 2015. Back for the first half of 2017 to the original late-2014 bonus.

We’re going to explain it. As well as suggest some particularly good debit cards to have if you live here. But the discount works with any debit cards. This isn’t our long-awaited full “Money Basics” article, nor our longer-awaited “Law of Financial Inclusion” article. It’s a “Pull that Debit Visa out of your wallet and start spending on it” article. (But of course including some of our normal “attitude”!) Because that’s the cheapest way to make your money go further here in Uruguay. What’s that you say?  Isn’t that just for tourists? And only for a few specific things?

No. Not at all. That’s a different law. Continue reading Uruguay Basics: Money – Use Debit Cards to pay less. Still worth it in 2018

UK expats losing their Barclaycards. Plus tax hassles! – reblog from ExpatsBlog.com with our take on it.

Image of Barclaycard Platinum Visa card
Keep Calm and Kiss This Card Goodbye

Reblogging this financial bad news from ExpatsBlog.com, for the benefit of our many readers who are from the United Kingdom. Uruguay’s largest contingent of English-speaking expats most likely are from USA, but UK is right up there near the top. Usually the bad financial news, in terms of home-country-induced major inconvenience, is hitting the US folks. FATCA, FBAR, and being fired as a customer from every bank in Uruguay except for BROU. Along with some reports of US-based banks closing accounts for US citizens who moved here. (Fortunately has not happened to us, but we do have a US address too.)

This time it’s you Brits who are suffering. Well, along with the Scots, at least till the referendum, the Welsh, and the Irish in Northern Ireland, who have moved here or elsewhere. Barclays is closing your credit cards: Continue reading UK expats losing their Barclaycards. Plus tax hassles! – reblog from ExpatsBlog.com with our take on it.

Sausage! As in Expats find many ways to start businesses in Uruguay

Image of their price list
“J and M Sausage” product list.

Some of us start web and social media businesses, some of us write books, some run hotels, some have farms. Some make sausage! A Costa de Oro region expat business near Atlántida Uruguay, “J and M Sausage”, does exactly that. More about them at our new regional AtlantidaExpats.com site.

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Thank you for this great year of excellent community, nearly 4000 viewers each week just of our website, and the very successful launch of the Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google’s interactive platform – join in at is.gd/UYcommunity

Lots of plans for the New Year. We intend to re-purpose AtlantidaExpats.com (and its alt-URL AtlantidaExpat.com) as an information vehicle and advertising opportunity for our local/regional Costo de Oro businesses. We made a free “internet gift culture” offer of use and editorial control of it to the existing unofficial “Atlántida English Speakers” newsletter and bi-monthly “expat meeting” but it was refused by them. Now, onto new opportunities for it, including ways to promote our friends and neighbors at local, Uruguayan-owned businesses, to the English-speaking expat community of our region.

wooden walkway over the dunes to the beach
Take that path to your dreams in 2014.

We are the owners of the valuable domain names AtlantidaHotel.com, CostaDeOroHotels.com, SouthernConeHotel.com, and SouthernConeHotels.com domain names, along with a portfolio of other names. We will be either creating hotel directories and advertising opportunities for our local hospitality businesses, or selling these domains for the opportunity they provide to some smart hoteliers, or a mix of the two approaches. Email domains-at-southerncrossweb-dot-com to make an offer for any of these names, or contact our related web and social marketing operation via the contact form at southerncrossweb.com.

We will be launching UruguayFor.Me as a separate site, with lots of detailed information and links to services you need, and will have advertising and featured-post opportunities available there too! Bookmark it now; it will bring you back here to Uruguay Expat Life until Uruguay For Me is live.

Unlike some sites, we will continue to keep our original brand, Uruguay Expat Life, collection of of sites, social networks,  and online communities, always free, Continue reading Happy 2014!

Quickie on The30Day (Blog Challenge)

Hola folks! Quick note – I, site co-owner Mark Mercer, am still doing the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30-Day blog challenge from Natalie Sisson, that I posted about the other day. I’m just not doing it all right here at Uruguay Expat Life.  I’m looking at it as a much-needed buttkick on my entire online presence and entrepreneurial activities. Oh, you can still join it, and should. It’s not like she’s gonna hit you with a ruler for being late for class. (Right, Natalie? Please…)

30 day challenge

We’ve chosen our own location for now, Uruguay, but it is in fact “location independence” that let us choose it – and the belief that “no freaking idea how yet, but we’ll make it work out” when we decided to pick up and head South. That self-belief and willingness to pack up and go for it are key points from Day 4

Putting it in the terms of one of Natalie’s key points for Day 2: START taking action and defining what your ideal lifestyle looks like., that’s what we had to do to make the big move, which we started over 2 years ago when we, without quite naming it yet, decided to do a “Uruguay Reality Check” trip – revisit our memories of a short visit, but check the prices in hardware stores, groceries, rentals, explore a bunch of places we might choose to live, begin to look at how we’d fund our overseas life… but most important, book the frakking tickets and DO IT!

I’m going to define that all the stuff I’ve been working on this week qualifies at least for my Day 2 through Day 4 activities in the Challenge.

Which includes: