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Uruguay Expat Life isn’t just a website, nor a social media page. It’s also a vibrant, interactive, online web forum. Free to all, open to all. Unlike so many of the other Uruguay-based social media “groups”, it’s not hidden from the public and it won’t be. So you’re free to browse it without being a member, to learn from what our hundreds of Community members have posted. Free to join it to ask your questions, start your own topics, have private Hangout conversations as text, audio, or video chat with others, post live GIFs, if they’re relevant or at least funny!)

Plus, we welcome Company/Business Pages to join and participate, as long as they don’t spam. That’s impossible in old-school Facebook Groups. Do you, or your business have a relevant-to-Uruguay blog? Feel free to share your updates. Just please write a customized intro, relevant to expats/immigrants in Uruguay. Write about teaching English as a foreign language, in Uruguay. Tax issues, for expats in Uruguay. Not just for expats in general. Got a blog about your life in Uruguay? Fine to share your posts, as long as you also engage on them with meaningful intros, comments and replies to other members’ comments. We’re not going to ban you just because you link to something. As long as you don’t spam.

Who is “we”? Your hosts – the publishers of this website, author and sports fitness expert and travel writer Lisa Marie Mercer, and writer, technologist, traveler, and Former Corporate Tool™ Mark Mercer. Heavily moderated against Spam, lightly moderated otherwise. Continue reading Join the Community

Another site launch –

Technically a re-launch, because we launched last August as a gift to the informal but fairly big “Atlántida English Speakers” get-together. They’d been talking for years about wanting a website, so one day before one of the lunches I spent a couple of hours and whipped one up for them, offering it to them for free.

After all the “we want a website, somebody might do one” for years, when I presented it to them, the person who handles communications said “I don’t have time”. Then I asked again, that time in an email. Ignored.  So, after a couple of months wasted re-copying their Gmail-sent newsletter out of the goodness of my heart while redacting overly private info in it, I gave up on the idea. Clearly, they really did not want a website, and clearly, I’m getting too old for this “stuff” of doing things for people who don’t appreciate it!


Relaunching now with the editorial voice of Uruguay Expat Life, Continue reading Another site launch –

Uruguay Expat Life Manifesto

I thought it about time to clarify and codify what we’re about here at Uruguay Expat Life. Here is a list of our key points, values, perspectives.

1. The name really should be Uruguay Immigrant Life. Expat shows up better in search so we went with that. But we immigrated to here, we do not think we’re here from somewhere else that is “really home”. We’re about the experience of moving to Uruguay because we want to live here, permanently, to identify as now being in Uruguay as home. Not to identify primarily as being an expatriate from somewhere else.

2. We’re almost certainly the wrong site for you if you’re on an “expat assignment”, a “temporary secondment” to Uruguay, or are a “trailing spouse”. Perhaps you should visit I Was an Expat Wife for that sort of general “expat in a strange land” perspective. Seriously, that’s a great site for what it is, its author is very self aware, and a good writer. We don’t have young children, and if we did we would be looking at giving them the advantage of native education in a dynamic growing Spanish-native culture in a school system where everyone gets a free laptop, rather than looking for “The English School”.

3. We are about coming here to live, not coming here to visit. Thus we’re not primarily writing travel articles. Those we do write here are for people visiting Uruguay as part of trying it out or considering it as their new home, not just passing through. Though hopefully some of our articles make you consider Uruguay as a vacation destination. Who knows what might happen to you next!

4. We do have some overlap with the “slow travel” and “immersion travel” market, Continue reading Uruguay Expat Life Manifesto

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Thank you for this great year of excellent community, nearly 4000 viewers each week just of our website, and the very successful launch of the Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google’s interactive platform – join in at

Lots of plans for the New Year. We intend to re-purpose (and its alt-URL as an information vehicle and advertising opportunity for our local/regional Costo de Oro businesses. We made a free “internet gift culture” offer of use and editorial control of it to the existing unofficial “Atlántida English Speakers” newsletter and bi-monthly “expat meeting” but it was refused by them. Now, onto new opportunities for it, including ways to promote our friends and neighbors at local, Uruguayan-owned businesses, to the English-speaking expat community of our region.

wooden walkway over the dunes to the beach
Take that path to your dreams in 2014.

We are the owners of the valuable domain names,,, and domain names, along with a portfolio of other names. We will be either creating hotel directories and advertising opportunities for our local hospitality businesses, or selling these domains for the opportunity they provide to some smart hoteliers, or a mix of the two approaches. Email domains-at-southerncrossweb-dot-com to make an offer for any of these names, or contact our related web and social marketing operation via the contact form at

We will be launching UruguayFor.Me as a separate site, with lots of detailed information and links to services you need, and will have advertising and featured-post opportunities available there too! Bookmark it now; it will bring you back here to Uruguay Expat Life until Uruguay For Me is live.

Unlike some sites, we will continue to keep our original brand, Uruguay Expat Life, collection of of sites, social networks,  and online communities, always free, Continue reading Happy 2014!

Uruguay Expat Life interactive community and forum now live at Google!

As promised, for “this month” and last week for “next week”, it’s live! Still about 10 minutes left in this week, and left in August 2013, here in now-springlike Uruguay!

Come visit and join in the Uruguay Expat Life Community on Google+ , which you almost certainly already are a member of , even if you don’t use it! Have a Gmail address? Use YouTube with a login name? Use Google Calendar? Have an Android smartphone or tablet? You already have a Google Account – which is all you need!

Don’t have one yet? It takes only about 2 minutes, and you can tie your Google Account to an existing non-Gmail email address if you prefer. They’ll give you a Gmail address as part of the signup, but you never have to use it.

Uruguay Expat Life Community at Google+

Come visit your place for talking about Uruguay Expat Life, Uruguay immigration and residency, Uruguayan Culture, Uruguay economy and cost of living, and more! You get to start your own discussions, and interact with each other without having to go through us!

It’s live right now!