Trying Out Uruguay: Short-term Apartment Rental Available in Montevideo

As you know, Mark and I strongly advocate “auditioning” Uruguay before you make the commitment to move here. It’s also best to choose a time when the weather is not at its best, because we’re talking about a long-term relationship, not a summer beach fling. I just found out that my friend Verónica Pamoukaghlian is renting her two-bedroom Montevideo apartment  from  August 13 till October 23. This time frame covers the late winter and early spring.

A Montevideo apartment for rent
Veronica’s Montevideo Apartment Rental

The apartment, located one block from the Rambla comes furnished, with a fully-equipped kitchen. Rent is $850 a month.

Montevideo rental apartment interior
Kitchen in Montevideo Apartment

Filmmaker and freelance writer Verónica Pamoukaghlian is one of the many expats global wanderers and creatives, who have managed to “do it their way” and carve out a creative niche in Uruguay. If you’re interested, let us know, and we will put you in touch with her.

(Edit: She’s really not an Expat in Uruguay, she’s a real Uruguayan. Except she’s often out of the country so much, as a filmmaker, poet, travel writer, and global digital nomad, that sometime’s it’s hard to remember she’s really from here!  LOL)


House for Sale in Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento was our introduction to Uruguay, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We just received an email about a Colonia house for sale for $150,000 US.

Like many things in Uruguay, you often hear about the best deals by word of mouth. For more about Colonia del Sacramento, check out my article in USA Today.

Colonia home for sale
Colonia del Sacramento house for sale

Holiday dinners under thatched roofs

You may be surprised to discover that Uruguay is full of homes with thatched roofs. Yes, right here in Canelones, no need to go to the Cotswolds. (Though that’s a lovely trip itself which we are very glad we did a few years ago.)

There are many right in our neighborhood in Atlántida, including, it turns out, one of the expat crowd’s homes. Our friends Doug and Susan decided to introduce the concept of the “block party” here on Christmas day, by having a floating afternoon outdoor dinner party with drinks and appetizers at their neighbors, Wayne and Janet’s lovely home. Then back to Doug and Susan’s for the parrillada (AKA asado, barbacoa, grille, barbecue).

Turns out that another expat blogging couple, Denise and Wally, also know Wayne & Janet, and posted pictures of their lovely thatched-roof home last year on their Retired In Uruguay blog. They go all through the background about thatched roof technique, safety, how to do a rethaching, and more.

Lovely people and a lovely home. With a much thicker thatch now on the roof than in this 2011 photo.

Image of backyard and white stucco home with thatched roof
Wayne & Janet’s thatched roof before rethatching.