Fall punctuated by rainbow


Autumn is definitely here in Uruguay. Sun setting early evening and light at low angle by mid-afternoon. Chilly at night and sometimes by day. I used the Supergas-fired estufa, large non-electric space heater, for the first time this year today when I got up, to take the chill off the living room. We’ve had the split aire acondicionado on in mild heating “Auto” mode the last few nights.

But sometimes there is beauty in the onset of the darkness. Continue reading Fall punctuated by rainbow

Uruguay Expat Life – Our second year

One year and 3 months since the low-key launch of this site as “just another expat blog”, we’ve had some great growth, thanks to our many loyal readers, Facebook, Google+, and Twittter followers, and resulting top search rankings on queries about living in Uruguay.

Google SERP showing Uruguay Expat Life at the top for query: uruguay expats
¡We’re numero uno!

What we have yet to do, is give you, and really, ourselves, Mark Mercer (me) and Lisa Marie Mercer, the co-owners, and co-explorers on this next step of our adventure, all the reasons we’re here. Continue reading Uruguay Expat Life – Our second year

You Can Do It – there is support and inspiration!

If you are reading our blog, following our Facebook Page (you are, right? www.facebook.com/UruguayExpatLife) or our Google+ Page, you probably are thinking about picking up and moving.

Be honest, you are. Maybe not to Uruguay. Maybe not to settle in a new place, but to regularly explore the world. Maybe I shouldn’t say “thinking” but rather “dreaming”, “imagining”, “wishing” or similar non-action words. That’s ok, that is in fact great, the imagining, wishing, longing, hoping, is the start of what you need to find where your next adventure lies.

But it is daunting, especially when you next start to think (and overthink) all the things you must do and the things that you feel will hold you back. Soon you feel you cannot consider it, it is “unrealistic”, it is for “someday”.

Bah-humbug! I can’t tell you if the time is now for your particular life, but I can tell you that if you truly do want it, you can and will find a way.

Forest sun through trees labeled "There's Nothing Stopping You But Yourself"

In part, because there is help out there, here in the virtual world – a vast network of help. Some of it free, some of it paid, at various rates, much of it “pay it forward”. On our blogroll we have a number of great sites like Sabine Panneau’s Anywhere in the World, Tim Anderson’s Marginal Boundaries, Natalie Sisson’s The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Today I want to introduce you to another one I just discovered from Natalie’s site, Amy Scott’s Nomadtopia. Continue reading You Can Do It – there is support and inspiration!

Bienvenido a Uruguay!

Welcome to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and the lives of a crazy semi-retired couple with a couple of mascotas (pets) who in under a year decided to blow off life in the United States and on a dirtbag-cheap budget, make the huge move to the little country nobody has heard of. Here, you’ll read of our adventures, stories, advice asked, advice given, and pointers for other potential and current expats. Posts may be from Marcos (Mark) or Lisamaria (Lisa).

We promise not to call ourselves the obnoxious-if-accurate term Location-independent Digital Nomads. At least not nearly as often as most other expat bloggers.

Oh, and that “Oriental Republic” thing? No, Uruguay isn’t in the Orient. You’re not supposed to say Orient anymore anyway, it’s politically incorrect and culturally insensitive. Not as an English-speaker referring to the “inscrutable lands to the east of England”, at least. Nor is Uruguay in the so-called “Third World” – and no, don’t say that anymore either. 🙂

But the R.O.U. is Uruguay’s official name, because it is the Republic to the Orient (east) of the Uruguay (a river). Which in turn means “River of colored birds.

Wrapping up, no, Uruguay is not in Africa. But I can see it from my house. Well if I could look straight ahead from the corner with the view of the sea, across a river-like-an-ocean around the curvature of the earth, I could. Next stop, Namibia. Or New Zealand if I look off to the right a bit.


— Marcos