Uruguay Basics: Money – Use Debit Cards to pay less. Still worth it in 2018

Best way to save money on what you spend in Uruguay, whether visiting or living here, resident or tourist? Use your debit cards for anything and everything you can. Not cash, and except in two cases, not credit cards. That’s the TL;DR basics indeed. The rest of this article is, to be honest, not all that “basic” but that’s the concept – Debit Card plastic payments give you a lot of savings in Uruguay, and no, not just the “tourist rebate” you might read about elsewhere (and further in to this very article too!)

2018 Update: Still good this year too, though the tax rebate on everyday purchases has dropped back to the permanent 2% from last year’s temporary bonus.

The 4% instant rebate on all debit cards, foreign or domestic, is was back for 2017! Up from “only” 2% 2016 and 3% 2015. Back for the first half of 2017 to the original late-2014 bonus.

We’re going to explain it. As well as suggest some particularly good debit cards to have if you live here. But the discount works with any debit cards. This isn’t our long-awaited full “Money Basics” article, nor our longer-awaited “Law of Financial Inclusion” article. It’s a “Pull that Debit Visa out of your wallet and start spending on it” article. (But of course including some of our normal “attitude”!) Because that’s the cheapest way to make your money go further here in Uruguay. What’s that you say?  Isn’t that just for tourists? And only for a few specific things?

No. Not at all. That’s a different law. Continue reading Uruguay Basics: Money – Use Debit Cards to pay less. Still worth it in 2018