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We at Uruguay Expat Life & Uruguay For Me enjoy sharing our experiences, creating internet communities where other folks considering life in Uruguay gather to chat, and meeting and conversing with other expats, immigrants, slow travelers, who may be wondering if Uruguay is for them. That’s why we created and offer so many different free options for online community, like all the ones in our menu up top. Including the very popular Uruguay Expat Life Community on the Google social platform. We will continue to curate and encourage these communities, post our own observations here at the heart of our site network and on our social media sites, and encourage everyone to contribute. Lisa Mercer and I also get a lot of emails, private messages, and contact form responses, and we’re happy to give some quick info.

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Uruguay air travel coverage from The Fuzzy Wanderer

Some thoughts on getting to Uruguay by air, based on experience by site co-owners Mark Mercer, AKA The Fuzzy Wanderer, and Lisa Mercer. Including commentary on the recent Argentina “problem” at nearby Buenos Aires Aeroparque (AEP). Lots of good options to get here that don’t involve going through Argentina. Details, and links to Mark Mercer’s coverage of Uruguay airline options, at our Uruguay Expat Life on Facebook today.

South American Authors Social Media events coming up!

¡Hola de Marcos!

Sorry that Lisamaria and I have not been blogging lately. We’ve had a big pickup in freelance work for both of us. Landed a new Social Media marketing client, in the middle of a big Social Media upgrade project for a client from back in the States. “In the middle of”, as in, I was up all night to make sure I pushed a site upgrade out to my client in Boston before his start of business. Ah, the joys of being a “location-independent digital nomad”!

Couple tango dancing outdoors
Tango in La Boca Barrio of Buenos Aires

Lisa is meeting up in Punta del Este on Wednesday, with two authors who live in the Southern Cone. One of them is our new client. The other woman is also an expat, living across the Rio Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, teaching Tango. I’ll leave it to Lisa Marie to post more pictures and info. But in brief, Cherie Magnus transformed her life in amazing, unforseen ways, when she left the USA for South America. She tells her tale in her memoir, The Church of Tango.

As for our author client (and friend), Susan Joyce, get ready for a riveting read of adventure under fire, marriage to a spy (likely a double agent), heartbreak and discovery, love and adventure in Europe and the Mediterranean divided nation of Cyprus, her development as an artist, which ultimately led to a new life here in South America.

I’d link to her author sites, but hey, I have to build them for her first! Get busy, Mark! Edit 2013-03-23 (I have been busy!): Here’s Susan’s site, her Author Platform, blog, and website for her memoir, The Lullaby Illusion, now at It has her comments, thoughts, latest activities, and a blog where she’d love you to chat with her. Also links to all her social networks at Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and tools for you to share to your favorite social nets and bookmarks.

We may be setting up a webinar with Susan and Cherie, and possibly some other authors of non-fiction and/or fiction that have a South America or other expat connection. So stay tuned!

There goes (some of) our nonstops from Europe

Visiting or considering moving here and coming from Europe? Sadly your airline options just got a bit lesser in total number of flights weekly.

Spain’s Iberia Airlines, wholly-owned by the same company that owns British Airways, and a partner of oneworld airlines such as American, Finnair, LAN and others, is the only nonstop from Europe to Uruguay. They are having serious financial issues, and in response have dropped many routes and cut back frequencies on others. (“Nonstop” is North American English for what everybody else calls a “direct” flight. In North America and especially in the US, “direct” can misleadingly mean a flight with a stop, or even a flight where you change planes. Silly USA.)

Picture of Iberia aircraft
Don’t worry, those MD80 shorthaul narrowbodies were not the aircraft they were flying here.

Here is an article from El Observador (en español) explaining the situation.

Not to worry, they are still going to fly it 4 times weekly reduced from six. Continue reading There goes (some of) our nonstops from Europe