Christmas gift for Montevideo Commuters

This is welcome news as a gift to all of us who commute in or out of Montevideo by bus, for shopping, work, health care, or just a day in the city (or in the balnearios – the resorts). A big loan to improve our bus transportation system, from the Inter-American Development Bank. Well, “big” for down here in Uruguay. $70 Million dollars probably wouldn’t pay for the process-heavy waste of repeated futile community hearings and impact statements for one bus stop in the hidebound USA. But here in less profligate Uruguay, it should do nicely to upgrade a highly-used transportation corridor.

This one is true, unlike the realistic-but-fake Montevideo Metro/Subte/Subway map of a few weeks ago.

Crowded avenue with many buses
Public transportation in Montevideo. Photo courtesy Hispanically Speaking News from their article.

No, we don’t have a rail rapid transit system. But we do have buses, lots of buses, from many competing bus companies (hint: if your route is served by Copsa and by anybody other than Copsa, take anybody other than Copsa! Take the Raincoop. Take the Cutsca, you might even get free WiFi.) Almost all the buses between Montevideo proper and the eastern suburbs like Costa Urbana towns, and the balnearios such as ours in Atlántida, travel along Avenida Italia. It’s a main thoroughfare leading in/out of the city, a classic urban boulevard into the outer urban villages and beyond, with a park-like median strip.

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