There goes (some of) our nonstops from Europe

Visiting or considering moving here and coming from Europe? Sadly your airline options just got a bit lesser in total number of flights weekly.

Spain’s Iberia Airlines, wholly-owned by the same company that owns British Airways, and a partner of oneworld airlines such as American, Finnair, LAN and others, is the only nonstop from Europe to Uruguay. They are having serious financial issues, and in response have dropped many routes and cut back frequencies on others. (“Nonstop” is North American English for what everybody else calls a “direct” flight. In North America and especially in the US, “direct” can misleadingly mean a flight with a stop, or even a flight where you change planes. Silly USA.)

Picture of Iberia aircraft
Don’t worry, those MD80 shorthaul narrowbodies were not the aircraft they were flying here.

Here is an article from El Observador (en español) explaining the situation.

Not to worry, they are still going to fly it 4 times weekly reduced from six. Continue reading There goes (some of) our nonstops from Europe