Sausage! As in Expats find many ways to start businesses in Uruguay

Image of their price list
“J and M Sausage” product list.

Some of us start web and social media businesses, some of us write books, some run hotels, some have farms. Some make sausage! A Costa de Oro region expat business near Atlántida Uruguay, “J and M Sausage”, does exactly that. More about them at our new regional site.

Another site launch –

Technically a re-launch, because we launched last August as a gift to the informal but fairly big “Atlántida English Speakers” get-together. They’d been talking for years about wanting a website, so one day before one of the lunches I spent a couple of hours and whipped one up for them, offering it to them for free.

After all the “we want a website, somebody might do one” for years, when I presented it to them, the person who handles communications said “I don’t have time”. Then I asked again, that time in an email. Ignored.  So, after a couple of months wasted re-copying their Gmail-sent newsletter out of the goodness of my heart while redacting overly private info in it, I gave up on the idea. Clearly, they really did not want a website, and clearly, I’m getting too old for this “stuff” of doing things for people who don’t appreciate it!


Relaunching now with the editorial voice of Uruguay Expat Life, Continue reading Another site launch – Website – listings and info on lodging in Atlántida Uruguay

¡Hola fans of the home location of Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me, charming Atlántida on the Costa de Oro of Uruguay! We now have launched our Atlántida hotel listing site

Windswept trees, dune grasses, and the blue sea
Atlántida Uruguay’s windswept Playa Brava, steps from some Atlántida Hotels

We’ve listed the websites and some descriptions of the leading hotels in Atlàntida, Uruguay. Also are some hotels near Atlántida but not in it, with a caveat that many web searches and some paid listings often return hotels not in Atlántida, if you search for Atlántida Uruguay Hotels. Yes, there’s a big “This Domain For Sale” notice, more on that below, but we also loaded it with solid current info about local hotels. Complete with brief descriptions and location info, links to their websites, and if they have them, links to their Google+ Pages.

Because we are hard-hitting, honest, opinionated folks here at Uruguay Expat Life, we even noted that warning for a hotel that is a client of our affiliated web and social media business, Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing. We like our client’s hotel in Parque del Plata, but it’s not an Atlántida hotel. It is an Atlántida-area hotel. There’s a difference. Continue reading Website – listings and info on lodging in Atlántida Uruguay

Expat Hotel and Inn Owners in Uruguay

Here’s an update on what’s going on at expat-owned hotels and inns in Atlantida and Parque del Plata. Don’t forget, if you’re in the area and craving US movies, Jerry as dedicated Sunday evenings to movie nights at Hotel ViaPark. This week, we bring you another bed and breakfast in Atlantida, the Tsitsicamma Inn.

a beach scene in Atlantida
A quiet day on the Atlantida beach

Casa Inspiracion Atlantida

One of the great things about being an expat is the fascinating people who share ta similar lifestyle. Just as we came from the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, Syd and Gundy arrived from the mountains of British Columbia. Read about Casa Inspiracion, their bed and breakfast in Villa Argentina. If you’re thinking of doing a “try Uruguay” trip, these folks are an excellent resource.

A private pool at Casa Inspiracion
Pool at Casa Inspiracion