Holiday dinners under thatched roofs

You may be surprised to discover that Uruguay is full of homes with thatched roofs. Yes, right here in Canelones, no need to go to the Cotswolds. (Though that’s a lovely trip itself which we are very glad we did a few years ago.)

There are many right in our neighborhood in Atlántida, including, it turns out, one of the expat crowd’s homes. Our friends Doug and Susan decided to introduce the concept of the “block party” here on Christmas day, by having a floating afternoon outdoor dinner party with drinks and appetizers at their neighbors, Wayne and Janet’s lovely home. Then back to Doug and Susan’s for the parrillada (AKA asado, barbacoa, grille, barbecue).

Turns out that another expat blogging couple, Denise and Wally, also know Wayne & Janet, and posted pictures of their lovely thatched-roof home last year on their Retired In Uruguay blog. They go all through the background about thatched roof technique, safety, how to do a rethaching, and more.

Lovely people and a lovely home. With a much thicker thatch now on the roof than in this 2011 photo.

Image of backyard and white stucco home with thatched roof
Wayne & Janet’s thatched roof before rethatching.