Random Cultural Observations about everyday life in Uruguay

Four or five years in, some everyday culture observations about life in Uruguay. Nothing earth-shattering, maybe not even important, but some hopefully-useful, “Hmm, that’s a little different, wonder if I’ll like that?” points. These are, by nature of who we are and where we’re from originally, from the perspective of “Northerners”, “Westerners”, and that particular part of that often called (and inaccurately overstated as) “Americans”. As in, “USAians”, for which while  there is no real word in English, there is the perfectly good and accurate “estadosunidense” en español.

A off-the-cuff post, to relaunch our much-delayed resumed publishing here on the site (we’ve been plenty active on our various Social Media parts of the Uruguay Expat Life & Uruguay For Me network – all available from the menu and sidebar for you to discover and join in!)

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Reblogging a great “culture clash” post from “I Was an Expat Wife”

Reblogging this from an expat blog I just discovered via the WordPress.com Reader category feed. We’re self-hosted, not at WordPress.com, but we integrate with them. I was scanning their “Expat Life” blogs topic stream, and came across a blog named I Was an Expat Wife. Now normally I wouldn’t read that kind of expat blog, because A) We don’t really cater here to the “Trailing Spouse” expat type, we’re more the DIY low-budget expat/immersion audience, and B) usually I find that type of title is from a bloggy whiner about how she misses her washing machine from back in the UK or Australia, or everything in Uruguay is crap except for Punta del Este. Or both.

stock photo of woman looking through binoculars directly at viewerBut that’s not the case with Maria Foley’s blog – it’s quite self-aware, helpful, non-home-culture-centric, and a fun, informative read. Her post I’m sharing is aptly titled, The illusion of the “similar culture”. I recommend anybody thinking about expatriation, emigration to a new land as a immigrant, or immersion travel, give it a read.

Great examination of the culture shock of expatriation, even if to a same-language culture. Or from your home “Western” culture to another, hey, how hard could it be? Former “expat wife” Maria gives examples of exactly how hard it can be. As do her commenters, be sure to read them!

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