A silent anniversary in Uruguay?

One month ago was the 40th anniversary of the coup in Uruguay, which ended representative democracy and liberty for 12 years. During that time of the dictadura, the dictatorship, many Uruguayans left the country, often for the USA, as the best choice for them and their families for freedom. We know several who came back afterwards. Others stayed and resisted, and still others simply went about everyday life as best as they could.

Al-Jazeera ran this column last month, about the desire of many Uruguayos to make 27-June a national day of commemoration.

A silent anniversary in Uruguay? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

We don’t sugarcoat the truth here at Uruguay Expat Life. Yes, this is a country that only a generation ago, had widespread surveillance and spying, secret courts, prisons without hope of appeal or release, torture of those who were deemed to be enemies of the state.

Perhaps one of the reasons Lisa and I are comfortable with life and liberty in Uruguay now, is that only that one generation ago, Uruguay resisted and recovered its freedom. Continue reading A silent anniversary in Uruguay?