Uruguay is Going Green – with Red Animals!

I love our new country, and most everything about the lifestyle and pace of living. However, Uruguay has not always been “green” in the ecological sense, compared to some countries.

Many “green shoots” however, including this exhibit of fantastic scuptures of animals with water bottles and various other eco-gear on them, made from recycled plastics. The dogs, cats, and frogs invaded Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport last spring in November. I took these photos when I was there waiting for the rental car to arrive.

Eco-pop art at the airport


Reusing bags, repurposing disposable packaging, making recycling available, and doing something about the damn fumes from uncontrolled diesel emissions are some areas that still need work. When our friend Julie R. Butler wrote her book Nine Months in Uruguay: Past, Present, Progress, she mentioned that in La Paloma’s supermarket, they looked at her funny and joked when she went their with their reusable shopping bags.

Lisa Marie and I spent some time in La Paloma as part of our Uruguay Reality-Check Trip™ and shopped in that store. Nope, no reusable bags. But that was May 2011. Continue reading Uruguay is Going Green – with Red Animals!