Top-Class Care in “Eisenhower’s America” – Our Healthcare in Uruguay series continues

Our Getting Healthcare in Uruguay series continues. Today, as the top featured article at International Living Magazine and Website. Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me co-founder and co-owner Lisa Marie Mercer is an author for International Living. In this case, she also was the designated research subject!

Top-Class Care in “Eisenhower’s America”.

Yes, you still can get a “house call” in Uruguay. You also can get an ambulance transfer from your local polyclinic, with a physician in it, not just a paramedic, to rush you to a major medical center, and get a half-dozen tests done in one night. Then wake up and say “where the heck am I?” Read the rest at Uruguay Expat Life…

Health Insurance and Health Care Experiences

Our next update on Health Insurance in Uruguay will be a bit delayed. In part due to an unplanned need to get some health care personally! I promised you that update and analysis on the Mexican Public Health Department study of Health Care in Uruguay, and I’ll be doing it. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

As to my health care incident: Nothing serious, as long as I don’t try to raise my right arm. Old ski injury. Newer parking lot injury. Recent I-have-no-idea-what re-injury! Our article delay also is in part due to pushing out a new website and author hub for a fascinating memoir of expat life that led from California through Germany, Israel, Cyprus, and eventually to Uruguay. That author, Susan Joyce, is our first client under Lisa’s and my newly rebranded and expanded venture, Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing.

Cross made of interwoven colors of the flags of Uruguay (blue / white) and Spain (red / yellow)The other day, I did stroll into our mutualista, Asociacón Española, paid all of UYU $218 (pesos, about U$S 11.75 US dollars at our current crummy exchange rate of 18.6:1), and was seen in 5 minutes by a doctor. Continue reading Health Insurance and Health Care Experiences