Fall punctuated by rainbow


Autumn is definitely here in Uruguay. Sun setting early evening and light at low angle by mid-afternoon. Chilly at night and sometimes by day. I used the Supergas-fired estufa, large non-electric space heater, for the first time this year today when I got up, to take the chill off the living room. We’ve had the split aire acondicionado on in mild heating “Auto” mode the last few nights.

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Today on Uruguay Flooded Life

Car nose-down in flooded and overlflowing drainage ditch
That’s the end of block, right at the corner of our shared yard.

The rains continue. Tormenta electrica sin fin. The drainage canals along the main road at the end of our street are totally overflowed. And apparently Uruguayans are no better than Los Angeles residents at driving in rain.
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Spring on the Beach

A beautiful spring day in Atlántida. This week it has dramatically shifted from being chilly at night still needing some heat, to being warm, even hot, today. Mid-20s C (mid-70s F) as I write this.


Sea is back to being more blue than brown, following the awful storms of nearly two weeks ago that wildly stirred the Rio Plata silt. It’s never pure ocean blue, since though there is nothing but water between here and Antartica on the heading of this shot, it is technically still the river.

Many of the fishermen with their heavy-rod spinning or casting rigs, were out wading well offshore rather than on the Playa Brava itself. Further down towards Las Toscas, out of the Zona de Pesca, some families were playing in the water though it is only the second week of Spring.