DIY Residency Part 2

Time for an update on what’s happened since June

But first, for those so-called experts in the various online Expat Forums who keep telling us “you’re doing it wrong” because we did things in a different order than them, and got our “llegadas” the day we walked into Migraciones without yet the INTERPOL, Health, or formal financial documentation:

Mark's Uruguayan Cédula
Mark’s Uruguay “Cédula de Identidad Nacional”

Yes it’s “Provisional” and I (as well as Lisa Marie) have the status of “Residente en Trámite” – a Resident in Processing. But this, friends, is what they would call back in the USA a “Green Card”.

I also love how the Uruguay cédula has an image of South America, with Uruguay’s location circled, because otherwise nobody knows where we are.


So here’s what we did to get our cédulas: Continue reading DIY Residency Part 2